Concerns about safety and sanitation?

My family and I might be moving to Argentina for my husband’s job. Until now, I had a picturesque view of Buenos Aires with street cafes, open parks, tango dancing, delicious food. But then I’ve read some negative posts that have me starting to worry. I’ve read several times that the streets are covered in dog poop, and that almost everyone gets robbed. One post talked about car jackings at stop lights, muggings at bus stops. I have two small children and a lot of this worries me. I love culture and adapting to new lifestyles but safety and sanitation are things I’m not sure I could adapt to. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

hello how are you. I recommend you think a bit.more the possibility of coming to Argentina since it is in a difficult situation both economically and socially. There are many robberies and inflation much economic instability and social discontent is spoken of an economic crisis the government does not manage to fulfill the electoral promises and the people are not happy. I do not know where you live but in your place I would think very well it can make your situation worse instead of better. They can kill you for a cell phone or a pair of shoes. I'm telling you why I live here. I invite you to read information about the current situation in Argentina on the internet. I hope it works for you. a great greeting :) … mala.phtml

That's not true !! I figure out that you are not happy with Macri, It is not neccesary spread lies !

Hi!! The thing is BA is a huge city, and you have to be careful like all big cities, you'll live in a safe area like expat , mostly the tourist area like Recoleta, Palermo or Belgrano, or GBA North like Olivos. About poop right  but isn't everywhere !!  You won't  go to the "bad places" at least you want to go !!   Wrap-up:  you'll be safe and take step by step.  I should be worry about the traffic and how people drive more than crime !!
Every question that you want to ask please feel free to ask.

That is not exactly true, in fact I voted for Macri, but we were all disappointed here, I know that the adjustments were necessary but he has gone too far. It has been years and does not control inflation and wages for the common population are low, not to mention that taxes are high and increasingly insecure, and it is not a lie that in some areas of the great Buenos Aires you can kill for a pair of shoes or a cell phone. people in general are not happy. This is a government for businessmen and not for the common citizen. I do not spread lies is the situation of the country now. I live here and I know it. but if you want to idealize a fantasy situation in this country and come to have a bad time it is your problem. I only inform you what is lived here. and I give you a point of view of a normal citizen. I recommend that you read the news of the country aunq according to the newspaper they differ from reality. I do not know what your situation will be like. But then do not say. I did not warn you :) Greetings

These areas are good but also very expensive for life itself ... they are usually the target of thieves since the best social class is there and therefore a lot of money for the robbery. The truth is that many people who can leave this country because they got tired of insecurity thefts in many cases have lost a family member for a murder of criminals, high prices (it is more expensive to live in Buenos Aires than in Madrid , you can believe it) the poor quality of government and services. That does not lie and is seen in the news every day here. In fact in this forum there are many opinions of Argentines who are going for these issues. I invite you to read it (it is in Spanish) the news of the day does not lie. DO NOT BE DECEIVED veil yourself

Nick I don't know if you believe your own lies or you only don't like the current government ! Where dou you live ? In ciudad oculta ? are u kichnerista fan ? yes of course I read your political statement !  Enjoy Vidal 2019  !!

not at all I am a supporter of any government .. if kichnerista not had voted Macri. don't think.? say not things stupid or be ignorant .. but good just wanted to give you a point of view true of the situation of the country but you like to ignore the reality. you have what are you happy. really no longer meters interested in to reply to a person with your mindset, so closed and retrograde. in order to questions if you don't want to know the truth of the things .. but as well I have most important things with to lose time for example teach my dog barking haha (meaningless). you fence well anyway greetings. good night

It's 100 times  better use your time  teaching  your dog how to bark than spread lies !!!

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