Student Visa Procedure

Hi there, I am a student in Hong Kong studying Higher Diploma in Marketing. I’ll be graduating in June and want to continue my bachelor degree in Oslo.

I’d like to ask about the procedure of being granted a student permit. I’m aware that I need to prove I have NOK111 657 for my living cost. I’m wondering if it’s a must to deposit that amount of money to the school account from the start? I’m asking because I know my living expenses won’t cost as much since I’ll be staying with my boyfriend and he will help provide for me while I study (and I will try to get a part time job as well while I’m there). Thus, I’m wondering if I can provide some sort of sponsor letter or a guarantee form instead as prove of financial abilities?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Atasha! Hope it's not too late to reply your enquiries. First of all YES it's a most that you most deposit the said amount in the school account for the first time appliapplication.  Please bear in mind that Bachelor programs in Norway are thought entirely in Norwegian except you plan to study in a private institution as I do wish is a tuition paid. I study at BI Norwegian business school Oslo a bachelor program as well. Please note that if you choose to study at BI Norwegian business you have to deposit the amount stated by UDI plus the tuition fee for one year, this might be close to 20k euros or about a 180000 nok. BI Norwegian business is the only institution that offer programs in Englis at bachelor level. If you still have further question do no hesitate to ask. Hope this help you in one way or the other.

Hi [at]pappy. Are you from Philippines?

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