Telecommunications in Mexico

Hello dear Members,

Can you please list some of the main Internet Service providers in Mexico? You may also include the cost related to their Internet subscription.

Another issue related to the telecommunication topic, is mobile plans. Can you please share with us:
>With which operator are you subscribed to?
>How are you finding their services?
>What kind of facilities do they offer?

Lastly, what is the best option according to you to make long distance calls in Mexico?

Your views/suggestions will be highly valued.

Wish you all a great day & thanks you in advance for your participation.
_______________________________ Team

I live in Cancun.  We have used Cablemas and Telmex for internet and so far have not had the best experience.  In either case we paid about 60 usd per month and the service was fine for about 6 months each time and then dropped regularly.  I am about to check out another company called axtel  which is about the same price but we will see.  I use a IP phone so I do not need a lot speed but just a conistant signal.   85% of the time it is a non issue.  Just when it is down it can be frustrating.

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