Buying property back in Australia

This isn't exactly Germany specific but I'm currently living in Berlin so, you know..

Wondering if any Australians on here can give me some tips re buying property back home as an expat? Any info about how easy/diffficult it is with lenders/ tax wise etc. would be greatly appreciated.


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Please note that your topic has been moved to the Australia forum as your questions concern buying property in Australia.


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Hi Priscilla,

Thanks for telling me. Only problem with that is that my question is for Australians living OS, not for foreigners living in Aus.. I don't think any Australians living overseas are going to be looking at the Australia forum so doubt I'll get any answers putting it there...

This is a little off the topic, Beni, but it may be useful to you to know that Australia is very touchy about non-resident citizens having bank accounts and selling shares. My wife and I - both Australians living overseas - had to close our Macquarie bank account several years ago, and she couldn't find a broker to sell her Qantas shares last year. In the end she had to give them to a friend, who sold them and sent her the proceeds.

So although you can probably buy property there, you might have a problem selling it - or at least getting the proceeds sent back to you where you're living. Better check it out.

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