Hypnotherapy & Stage Hypnosis Shows

Hi,    i am moving to Thailand on a retirement visa in July 2018.  i am a qualified and certified Hypnotherapist and wish to set up a Hypnotherapy practice for ex pats, specialising in treating anxiety, depression, phobias, eating habits, pain management plus other issues etc etc..and also would like to perform the odd comedy stage hypnosis show.  Just wondered what peoples thoughts were on this subject, as I haven`t seen anything arund the Jomtien / South Pattaya areas like this.

I reckon it's a decent idea. Location wise it sounds good too. As a serious option for quitting stuff. Plenty of punters looking for stuff like this once they know it's available.

Not sure about the comedy.

Hmmm...Qualified and certified hypnotherapy is a medical procedure? Stage entertainment Hypnotism is about as different as trying to mix oil and water.  If you are qualified in this procedure the 1st thing you will learn in the class room is that they don't mix.

I could go on for ever on this subject the short answer is no! no! no!!!

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