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I’m a New Zealand looking for some information on what visa can I get to travel back and forward from Cambodia for the next year. Also do I need a exit flight when coming into cambodia??

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Hello Michelle.

To start with the last, it depends on the airline whether they want to see a return ticket or not. Some airlines are willing to let you sign a paper that takes away their responsibility for flying you back in case you are not admitted in Cambodia. So better ask the airline you are flying with.

As for visa for a year, if you are not working and are not retired or on a disabled pension, you can only get a 1-month Ordinary visa, that you then can extend with a EG extension of stay for 6 months. The EG extension is for people searching for a job and if after 6 months you did not find a job you have to leave the country. But you can come back, again first on a 1--month Ordinary visa, then extended.

Hope this clarifies the possibilities.

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Hello Michelle,

Also the mentioned 6 month is a “multiple entries” EOS (extension of visa). Obviously the 12 month for retired or employees/business owners is a “multiple entries” too.

Not the 1 or 3 month EOS.

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