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hi , im sure someone has asked but after half hour of searching i thought i best ask,
after ordinary visa has expired , 6 months for example , i have to leave  cambodia , i then do what is known as the visa run . do i have to buy another one month visa at border  and then reapply for 6 month visa each time i need to stay
.thanks in advance

thanks found the answer ,as yes thats what i have to do


Ordinary is a visa for 30 days, used to get into the country.

6 months must be an extension of stay, whether EB, ER, EG or ES.

After 6 months EG (plus 1 month Ordinary visa) you have to leave the country and can come back. On entry you need again an Ordinary visa, which you can extend in country for another 6 months EG.

That would give you a total of 14 months.



Can this keep continueing for long stay? Thanks


This system with EG extensions can be done for at least 3 times, as there are stories of that.
That means a total of 21 months or nearly 2 years.

But as the EG is meant for people searching a job there might be an end to it.

If you are 55 or over you can apply for a ER (retirement) extension for a year each time, infinitely.
If you are under 55 but you can prove income from abroad or a pension based on disability you could be able to convince Immigration that you are eligible for a ER extension.




[at]jasbax were you successful in returning to Cambodia with a second EG visa? Im currently in a similar situation

Also, in general -  any recent success stories in returning back to Cambodia and getting another EG 6 month multiple entry visa?


No problem,  there are even stories of a third EG.

But things can change overnight....

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Great. Will try my luck. Thanks

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