extension of ordinary/business visa, where?

I just arrived in PP a few days ago and am already thinking where to extend my ordinary visa for one year. I heard that going by yourself to the immigration office can be a big hassle, therefore it is recommended to do it via an agency. does anyone know a reliable agency for this job?
how much the agency charges?
what documents I have to provide?
any advice welcome as I am completely new here:-)

Hi there,i am Henry..i was read your reply about English teacher.Yes,i am looking for English Teacher.Sorry you are Male or Female?
And 1 more thing if you hadn't get your visa in Cambodia..I can help you all information also.It is very easy with me.because i know an agency..i usually make visa there..(I am from Viet Nam).If you need cheap,,good room..i also help you..my building have many room for rent from 140USD/month..very new...not furniture.-empty room.(they just build...real new)..my family just move here 2 days ago.
If available..can we meet together at coffee shop..to chatting more about teacher job,,your room,,your visa!

From Henry

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i am working for Singapore kids school in Phnompenh as a Business Development Manager.Our system have 5 school in Singapore,1 in China,1 in Phnompenh .Now our school in PP looking for 2 English Teacher and 1 Chinese Teacher.

We also have NGO..AND also need English Teacher for NGO.We pay good!
And i am looking for 1 invester together with me rent house set up a new school...because i know this is good business..

From Henry

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i am male. but i will not be in phnom penh fot the next days. i will contact you again as soon as i am back in pp.

best and fastest means of renewing a business visa is through a travel agent. I have been doing mine that way for 5 years now. Never had an issue. Pay them around $300, give them your passport (be sure to get photocopies) and it comes back in 3 or 4 days with your new visa attached.

Hi Mike
Extending your visa is very easy. I went to a local travel agent (most travel agents do visa extensions) and extended my Ordinary Visa (E) for 6 months. It was USD $160 and took 4 days to process. I didn't need to provide any documentation or passport photos - i simply handed over my passport and visa fee and they gave me a receipt as proof of transaction. I think a 12-month multiple E Visa is around $USD $300. Don't bother going to the immigration department - i have heard its a waste of time (i.e. takes longer and is more expensive!).

thanks. which travel agent in PP did u use?

Asia Express Tour & Trading #175, St.155 Russian Market (opposite JOMA).

I used Lucky agency in Monovomg Boulevard.  Very efficient.

Most of tourism agencies offer visa extension service. Just go to an office with your passport, pay the fee and then go back to pick up after some days.
Price can be bit different depending of agency and in PP bit cheaper then in Seam Reap.

Hi !

I was just wondering, how soon can you apply for the extension? And does the extension require another page in your passport?

Thanks for your help!

Just for clarification: Give them your passport, wait for passport to return, and ONLY THEN give them the visa fee.

If you do otherwise, you might end up without passport and without cash. You'd still have the receipt, which you could frame and decorate your room with it though.... but as any proof of payment it's quite worthless.

You can get it done at the first corner off Siawath on 178 at Riverfront .On the corner there is a restaurant but there is a wooden stand advertizing tours bus tickets . Inquire there and it takea about 4 days . You only need a passport and fee .... Another choice is Luckys on Monivong and 182 st just to left of the street lights they rent Motorcycles too

Hi All

Thank you for the excellent information, I have a couple of question regarding the extension of an Ordinary Visa.

I am arriving in PP October 12th 2015 and am planning to leave just before Xmas (72 days total), I may extend beyond this.

1. Do I need to have fixed address to extend the visa?

2. How long do I need to be in the country before extending?

3. Does it ever take any longer that 5 days to sort out via a travel agency?

4. I am Australian, is there any risk that a visa application could be rejected?

Thank you in advance.



You have 30 days to extend it once you  arrived . In sure that you do get a business visa , as if its a tourist visa you will need to exit after thirty days although i think you can extend it once . It could take longer if there are Holidays !! No fixed address is needed. Refusal is possible but unlikely as u have a first class passport ,being from Asia

Excellent, Thanks Wimbledon.

Hi Henry, I know that this post was 2 years ago, but are you still lookong for an English Teacher? Thanks

Should check this through out,
Apparently new laws being applied in cambodia, needing a work permit/work certificate
to apply for long term extension now.

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