SIM card registration 4444

All prepaid SIM cards must be registered before the end of February of they'll be blocked.
As the date is getting close, now would seem like a good time to remind posters of the issue.

The SMS registration process always uses 4444 (free of charge) but the format seems to vary meaning it can be difficult to register. In the event of problems with the SMS service or the website registration process, pop into your supplier's shop and they'll do it for you.
I did my Telkomsel card as I was passing their place in Bintaro exchange and the job was done in about a minute. … ation.html

Following the Communications and Information Ministry's regulation on mobile phone numbers, prepaid SIM card users are now required to register their numbers, starting from Oct. 31 to Feb. 28, 2018.

The program is supported by cellular service operators, which means you can register via SMS or the operators' websites.

You right Fred, what I know is the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) explains that foreign citizens must register their prepaid card at the operator's outlet.

For a foreigner using a passport come to the operator's [...] (registration card) postpaid account if a passport or kitas pass will be automatically served,"

I'm with telkomsel (spelling) I was using 3G for roughly 60,000 Rp per month for 3gigs per month I've registered over (I think by Fred's earlier post/advice possibly several months ago) I'm now on 4g 20 gigs per month same price