Best Internet service provider in Kemnag area

Hi guys,

i will move into kemang area by 1st week of July. Can you please suggest which internet provider to take. cable TV is already there in the apartment.

I will watch a lot of movies/ shows on internet, hence need a fast - 3 mbps onwards and high download limit (unlimited or 20-40 gb) plan.

I would prefer WIFI connection but LAN might also be ok.

Please help me with some idea about per month cost as well.

I am living in Kemang. Moved about 3 weeks back and in process of finding out internet provider. Have found First Media is the best option. If you can share your email ID I will forward you rate list I got from them for various plans



@ rachna - thanks for your reply. I have messaged you my email. How are you finding the place. I will move with my family soon. Will mostly be in Kemang mansion. do you know of any more indians in Kemang as well.