28% Tax deduction - 14 days out of the Malaysia

Hi thank you for the link, so as per example 5 I can club the years, and I can still claim my residential status right?

Hi thank you for the info, I will check and update.

Yes its about 14 days rule to link the two tax years but this time 2019 is the shorter period which you want to link to 2018 when you were tax resident.

Meaning if i stay to complete 182 days overall 2018 to 2019 I would be taxed normal? because now my stay period coming only 159 days ? excluding 10 days

It means if you have taken holiday outside Malaysia of more than 14 days you wont be able to link the years - as per Example 5

so i will be charged with 28 percent tax for 10,11,12th month of 2018 and 1,2,3,4th month of 2019 right?

even though last tax returns has been filed?

Worst case scenario is just 28% for 2019 but it depends when you took holiday leave outside Malaysia.

I was out of malaysia in 2018 october to november for 30 days , I am afraid they will tax me for last year also. Thanks for the support as always,
I will update the status.

As long as you didn't take leave since November 2018 you should be OK as tax resident for 2019

Hi Gravitas,
I plan to leave Malaysia in June 2019.
In 2019, I stay in Malaysia for less than 182 days; however, I meet the requirements to link 2019 period to more than 182 consecutive days in 2018.
Should I file form B or form M for the year 2019?
Tks you

Hello Gravitas,
Can you count for me how many days I will be counted as out of Malaysia?
My flight May 29 6pm.and I will be back June 13 1am.

Is your calculation 14 days? Ir exact 14 days, is it still safe for tax filing?


Dear friends
I got my tax clearance today , they did not  charge me with 28% tax, the taxation was normal. thank you gravitas for the support.
Now the company in the process endorsing my passport with (my old passport with new) and immigration clearance.

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