Reviews about ELC,Taylors, APIS, Eton House and Fairview

Hi All,

I am trying to find some recent reviews about the the following schools based in KL. We are moving to KL in May and I am looking forward to enroll my 5 yr old son in any one of these. I have searched through the forum but most of the reviews are pretty backdated. Would like to hear from parents on how these are fairing now.

1. ELC
2. Taylors International KL
3. Asia Pacific international school KL
4. Eton House KL
5. Fairview KL

I'm trying to join my kid in APIS...  Could you plz share info about this school... Students attitude,  output and teachers out there

You can get some information via the internet search for:
Top 10 International Schools in Malaysia
international schools in kuala lumpur rating

Simply call or visit schools.

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