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Hi! That depends on your lifestyle at home and whether an apartment is included in your package.

Thanks for your answer Ereandrill!!
But i it possible t

Thanks for your answer Ereandrill!!
But is it possible to live in Dubai with that salary? I've checked the website and found that accomodation is very expensive: it's quite the half of the salary!!

Hi everyone I'm residing in ajman UAE I've been here for 2 weeks still haven't met anybody yet.  It's kind of lonely. Anybody from anywhere looking for company in the region message me. Hope to hear from someone soon Thanks

Hi all,

My name is Tanaka. I am staying in my home country in Zimbabwe. I am aspiring to move to Dubai early next year. I recently grauated with a Bsc in Accounting.

I'm considering taking the TEFL course so as to teach English in Dubai. For the time being I'm quite confused and I am not pretty sure if this is the right pathway to land me in Dubai. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

asalkm azra here i earned b.ed degree i am doing my m.ed 1 year can i gets job in dubai or abu dhabi

Hi, I am new in this forum, I moved to Dubai 11 years ago and love to be here as long as I can. It is welcoming, and friendly place to live.

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Good day,

My name is Waqar and i am working as Civil Senior Roads Designer since 2014

You can apply online on the following websites.
gulf talent

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Hi waqar.
Its nice to see you r so helping. I lived in dubai for 12 yrs and moved bck in end 2016. How is market situation? Can i got the list u have?
Hoping for good.

Dear Mr. Waqar,
Is there any oppurtunity for accountants in Turkey?

Hello everyone,

Please note that the New Members thread is specially dedicated to the Introduction of new members, who you are, what do you do in life, what is your expatriation project.

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All the best,

Hello everyone, I'm Nacer, I'm 24 and I'm starting my first experience as an expat in Dubai in the end of this month ( 30 of January 2019 ), i don't know much people there so friends in need here ! feel free to reply me cause i have so much questions to ask before coming and maybe we'll become good friends who knows.
have a nice day (:

Hello All,

I’m John and i’ve just moved to Al Ain where I am working for the UAE University there.

Would love to meet any expats who are out here so please do give me a shout 😁

Iam tarik i live in abu dhabi
If like to explore this city you are most welcome this my number/ whatsapp. ***

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