New members of the United Arab Emirates forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

HI all
Indian male looking Vacancy in Graphic Design
currently in Dubai
if anyone refer and help i would be very grateful


Not a chat room nor linkedin!!

Hi All,

I am new in UAE as a job seeker in field of Electro-mechanical Engineering Service(10+years of Experience) is there anyone who can help me to get opportunity.


Hello together,

I'm Marco from Switzerland, working since 2003 in the "Petroleum & Convenience Retail Business" (10 years in leadership positions) and actually in the leadership position as "Sales Director", responsible for 15 fuel stations with convenience shops.
Spoken languages are german, english, french... and willing to learn the arab language :)

Looking for a new challenge in Middle East, specially in Dubai... :)

welcome to the Dubai Life 😌

I'm Cynthia from Nigeria...looking for a job in an hospitality field.pls anyone with an offer should kindly pm

I'm planning to travel to jordan but I was looking for contacts to be able to find out more information on Dubai, and resources that may be helpful to me in the future considering my destiny might send me to Dubai as well.

Hi Folks,
I am from India, looking for my software solution & services business expansion(I already have some in Dubai) so trying to find out new Dubai friends who can help me with it.

I believe it will turn out positive for me.


Its Rehman Ahmad came from USA and living in UAE since last 15 years. I work as PRO and provide visas those who wants to work in UAE
I can provide all type of visas. Inbox for details

Hello Ahmad thanks for your message, kindly share your number and I will get in touch with your for further discussions

Hi. I'm Jo.
I arrived 3 weeks ago and am now looking to get out and about to explore and make new friends.
I like most sports, especially water sports.

Jo :D


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Hi! My name is Stanislav. Iam from Russia. Currently working in Abu Dhabi. Looking for making Arabic speaking friends, because iam fond of the Middle East culture and Arabic language.

Hello all. Hope all is well in the UAE. I am looking for employment back in the UAE; I have lived there for last 12 years. Right now I am back in the USA.

Looking to go back into Education. I have Business teaching/lecturing as well as university/college advising experience.

Thank you,

I'm not an expat but I visit Dubai quiet often and sometimes for longer than 1 month.
Therefore, would be nice to meet some people.
I'm a single.

Hello All. I'm Mohamed from Somalia. Been here in Dubai a long long time. Dont be a stranger. ;) Check out my profile for interests. Happy to chat and engage,

Hi everyone thank you for adding me to the group. I recently relocated from Perth to Dubai. I specialize in providing financial advice to Australian expats living in UAE as well as expats returning home to Australia. I have dual licensing both in UAE and Australia with 14 years professional experience. Please feel free to pm me if you have any queries or would like to catch up, looking to meet new people in Dubai!

Hi all,

My name is Nima currently living and working in London England.

I would love to move to Dubai and work there on a full time basis, at the moment I work for Imperial NHS trust for Cancer services Research (non clinical) and would like to preferably find work similar at Dubai. I’m quite flexible and would not mind trying a new field of administration. I do have a Bachelor Honors degree in Communications and I possess strong skills for critical thinking, data analysis and working using my own iniative. I can work to deadlines and I see myself as a friendly and keen team player as well as working well by myself.

Please contact me for further details.

Kind regards,
Nim Mohamed

Hi ,

I am an expat by definition although been living here long enough to call it my permanent home. How you finding it here so far?

Yes Hi,

Hey Everybody,
I am looking for some Indian friends & Discover Dubai on my weekends with them.
I just recently migrated to Dubai & Currently work in the Dubai Airports.
Indians or any other nationalities open to make new friends pls message me .

See ya....

Freelance visa details please ?

Hello, my name is John. I have been offered an interesting job in Abu Dhabi, I am an IT consultant.
I would like some advice on the local costs of housing and car rental, and general living expenses.

Also about the social life - I am no spring chicken. I have lived abroad in European countries (originally from Scotland) and I know that getting into some social groups helps with home sickeness.

Hey Scot,
Its amazing that you are planing to migrate to abu dhabi.
I will text you on ur private msg and let u know about the questions you asked..

I am a Sri Lankan and Managing Director of  a Company. My interests are Sri Lankan Politics and making new friends. Wish to interact with new friends from other Asian countries. Fluent in English Tamil and Sinhala. Can understand and speak a little in Malayalam, Hindi and Russian.

hi people to meet some great friends in and around the globe.

am simple open minded from all aspect hoping to meet some new people


Hi everyone I am Indian expat looking for  good friends. I am an honest and straight forwad person.

Hi all,
This is Khaled, I arrived to Abu Dhabi two days ago. I am a structural engineer with masters in earthquake engineering from New Zealand, and I wish to make new cool friends :D


Hi, American IT female looking for female friends as well as fellow IT network and security folks who are looking for new associates as well!

Hi! I will be happy to meet new interesting people in new for me city of living Dubai.

Hi Sara.

I am basically from India and working on data science.  staying in Dubai. Let's discuss if you're interested..

Sure !


Good Morning everybody

Am Ahmed, a new arrival to UAE, Just want to say hello for all members and it seems a great place to express our cultures and make new friends around the world.
Hope the best for all of you, Happy to join :-)

Thanks for invitation
I am Mahmoud
a physician working in Abu Dhabi
I want to find a friend here 🙂
If anyone need any questions about work here I am ready to help

xahmed :


Good Morning everybody

Am Ahmed, a new arrival to UAE, Just want to say hello for all members and it seems a great place to express our cultures and make new friends around the world.
Hope the best for all of you, Happy to join :-)

They still accept Egyptians in UAE????


I apologize for the delay in response, I am most happy to discuss IT work in Dubai. Please feel free to email ***
I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and best regards!


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Hello Everyone..
Hope everyone is enjoying chill weather of Dubai :)

I will be visiting soon..

Hi All,

I've got job proposal from a Company in Dubai for a total salary of AED15.000. Wanna know if this salary if enough for us (5 persons: my wife and I with 3 children 18/16/14).
Thanks for your assistance because never been in Dubai and hope to read you soon!!

Best regards

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