New members of the United Arab Emirates forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the United Arab Emirates forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in the United Arab Emirates if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi there

I'm an IT Manager, working for a big Retail Group based in Dubai.
Its been my 4th year in Dubai, good so far. I'm actively looking for a job change. Though I can help in IT related projects.

Hi all,
I landed to Abu Dhabi yesterday. I'm on visit visa looking for a job in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Looking forward to work and live in UAE.

Good Day To All.

Hope you are all fine. I am coming this month for visit as i am will be looking for job. Wants to make new contact if any could help me i do really appreciate.


Hello folks
Not really a newbie in the UAE but a newbie on here. Looking to meet and make new friends.  Mature (over 40s) ideally.
Not into the clubbing scene.  More into home industry and leisure activities around the home.

May be the X-ray test was negative.  You should consult a doctor in your country and get this clarified before you try to come back.

Good luck

Hi there!

Looking for some urgent advice if possible! I was offered a teaching position in Abu Dhabi last year with an excellent relocation package for myself, my husband and 4 children.

However, my eldest daughter was born to a previous relationship and I was unmarried to her father. I panicked as I couldn’t find anything to clearly explain the legal implications of “illegitimate” children, and withdrew from the post. I was told by the school’s HR department that all I would need is the letter of no objection from my daughter’s father.

Now, here I am one year later with a few excellent opportunities on offer within Abu Dhabi and Dubai, if I take the leap. My family and I were hugely disappointed that our plans didn’t go ahead last year. At that point, I felt I didn’t have enough information, but now strongly considering making plans to live our family dream.  Would I be in trouble with the UAE law if I relocated and they realised on arrival that my daughter was born out of wedlock? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

J :)

hi everyone... i am priya....i have 16 years of teaching experience in secondary colleges and i am interested to live in UAE and work as a secondary  teacher.

i am starting to do my démarches.

anyone who can help me and advise me.

please do so.



Hi there

I am a South Africa based HR Director looking for opportunities in Dubai.

I am open to a manager level position so not to limit my search.


I would like to start as a physics teacher.I am just trying to find teachers who are already there.


I am Samir. I am Algerian and I live in France. I would like to move to the UAE (preferably) or other GCC coutries.
I am a Mechanical Engineer and specialized in Structural Design Engineering and Analysis.

Hi, im Amy , newbie here - 35 years old from Philippines. Been in Dubai for 6 years now .. I wonder whats in here?

My name is Sahar Khodary but everyone calls me Sasha. I'm American living in Egypt and I'm an English Teacher...Early Years /Infants /Foundation Stages /Kindergarten...are my favourite ages to teach. I would like to move to the UAE (preferably) or other GCC coutries. Can anyone help me.
Sasha Sasha 💜

My name is Sahar Khodary but everyone calls me Sasha. I'm American and living in Egypt and an English Teacher.. Early Years/ Infants/ Foundation Stages/ Kindergarten... I loves teaching these ages more than anything..
I would like to move to the UAE (preferably) or other GCC coutries.
Can anyone help me out...
Thanks in advance,
Sasha Sahar 💜

Many things to do... Amazing that you didn't find special here.... :(

Hello Jenny

Good day to you and hope you are well?
Would like to help you in your quest for a role in the UAE.


Aloha! Konichuwa, Anneong, Buenas Dias, Assalamulaykum, Mabuhay!
Hi guys, soon to be working in my dream land...
IDK it is weird for a girl like me to like Middle east countries as my "dream land" - the new Milk & Honey of the Nurses... Lower cost of living than UK and USA, and u can go home every year, that's why it is perfect for me...

I would like to ask, how many weeks would it take for Working visa to be approved? Tnx and more power guys...
By the way: I am single... #NBSB 😉😁😊


Its a good place to living. and it will take 4-6 weeks to get working visa. Welcome on board

Hi Members!

Fairly new to Dubai and the forum.

I recently relocated for work with my husband and 4 year old son, was looking to connect with fellow Srilankans and happened on to this site:)

I work for a migration agent specializing in Australia and Canada, happy to assist anyone interested with a Free Assessment. please get in touch on andriea[at]

Happy connecting and looking forward to being a part of the expat community.

Thank you

Hi Lovely People of the forum.

I have been a frequent visitor to UAE but was based in Nigeria for past 5 years.

I have re settled in UAE in 2019 January and am happy to be part of this warm and helpful group.

I have got some feedbacks on my earlier posts for my travel to some of the African countries and it was really helpful.

Best Regards,

Mohammed Rashid

HI dear all,

m here in uae working with well known i would like to start my own buisness here in uae. m thinking for logistic supply work goods loading and unloading can u guys please guide me about this business and secondly guide me free zone trade liscience is better or mainland...
best regards

Hi, Would you link to invest in real estate, the market will boom end of 2019.

Kind regards,


Hello I'm Mellisa Muzondo currently staying in Zimbabwe hope to join you soon there in Dubai currently I'm working as a Dental Therapist in Harare. But I'm willing to relocate and make something better with myself

hi my name is sharyn im an expat  here in UAE but not new actually i was here 2years ago for7years  from 2009-2017.I was based here in dubai and got job until i had found my partner and got married here have kids.I can say is that Dubai made some of my dreams come true and i am very thankful for that.

Getting a job in visit visa is problematic and you have to be careful while saying yes to job. … isa-in-UAE

Hi everyone, i'm new here (on the forum) but have been in Dubai for around 18 months since starting a new job at a finance company as a lead developer. I am originally from the UK and travel between the UK and Dubai several times or more a year for work and to visit family/friends.

Hi. I am from Dubai and would be happy to help with topics related to Dubai or UAE in general

Hello brother! I am a teacher from India and applied for teacher post in UAE MOE. My interview is on 1st April. My only worry is that whether the teacher s are  having respected in schools and how are they treated. I am 53 years old. Sin CE I'm interested to work abroad I applied for this post with my family permission

Hello madam, am from India.. I have also applied for teaching job in Dubai.  anyone who view this .... Please elaborate me about the process of interview and standard of questions..
What do the Employers expect from Indian teachers??

Hai kanimzi
I am Annapoorna sundaram

Hi all, I have recently received my official contract to teach Maths in UAE. I am hoping to travel out around 10th August 2019. I am very flexible to where I will teach but reading about RAK, I would like to go there. Are there any female teachers already working in UAE who can advise on what work clothes to bring. Any other information would be really appreciated.

Hi All,

This is Tahsin, I became member of in 2017 and fortunately moved to dxb in 2018. i have been here almost for 1 year, and working in a global FMCG company. I would like to take the advantage of this smart site to get in touch and know decent people in this sandland...Also would like to share/exchange real cultural differences and experience the variety of the world. hope to chat you soon.

Hai ! I'm from India . Can you please let me know whether the interview was tough


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Hi everyone!

I'm currently a senior lecturer in Education at a university in the UK but looking for opportunities in the UAE, in particular Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

I have been looking online actively for a month and I have been offered a couple of positions, but I suspect these email offers are fraudulent as they are requesting that I pay for my own residence permit before a contract is confirmed. I am going to continue to look but from now on will apply to universities and colleges directly through their website or the MoE website instead of agencies.

I have never lived outside of the UK so would be really interested to hear (1) the process people have taken to find teaching jobs in the UAE, (2) the experiences of people that are not from the US as most education settings seem to use a US curriculum/model of education and (3) what a standard teaching package/contract looks like so I know how to spot a genuine offer and a fraudulent one.

I will contribute as much as I can! Thank you for creating this space.


I'm from India living in Dubai

Just socializing, meeting people and making new friends with matching sensibility.

...introduce yourselves



I am an experienced IT person from India. I am looking forward to work at UAE. I would like to understand your experience in finding employment.

Is t god to travel to UAE on tourist visa and explore jobs there?

Appreciate your inputs.


Hello..this  is me Fowzia dakhill.. from.Syria..
l'm an old English graduater teacher ..I have been teaching now for nearly twenty years..I have taught all ages and all levels.. dealing with pupils and  developing all their mental and physical abilities and help them to discover their own strength to achieve their aims in life.
Happy to have the opportunity to contact you and to introduce my self as a job seeker out of Syria to United Arab Emirates to achieve a better career and a better new life

Thank you very much
happy  I could enter the Expat

hi all
im mohammad farzeen
comin from kerala, india
iam currently in uae for better career opportunity
iam a diploma holder and have 1 year experience as receptionist/data entry operator
please help me to find out a better job or refer me to any of your contacts
thanks and waiting for your kind helps

I am new to Dubai, looking for job. Appreciate if anyone help. Thanks

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