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Best place,  how?

Jellbean5 :

Hi there!

Looking for some urgent advice if possible! I was offered a teaching position in Abu Dhabi last year with an excellent relocation package for myself, my husband and 4 children.

However, my eldest daughter was born to a previous relationship and I was unmarried to her father. I panicked as I couldn’t find anything to clearly explain the legal implications of “illegitimate” children, and withdrew from the post. I was told by the school’s HR department that all I would need is the letter of no objection from my daughter’s father.

Now, here I am one year later with a few excellent opportunities on offer within Abu Dhabi and Dubai, if I take the leap. My family and I were hugely disappointed that our plans didn’t go ahead last year. At that point, I felt I didn’t have enough information, but now strongly considering making plans to live our family dream.  Would I be in trouble with the UAE law if I relocated and they realised on arrival that my daughter was born out of wedlock? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

J :)

Hi I hope this reaches you in time, not sure if you received an answer yet for this but it is correct you will need a ‘no objection letter’ from her father in order to get her residency visa (just in case they ask). Make sure it is notarized and possibly even stamped by your department of internal affairs and foreign affairs also (they get real picky about stamps and trust me you don’t want to have that hassle after you arrive). You won’t be in any trouble with the law, it just might cause an issue getting your visa processed on time.  That only helps if your child’s father is named on the birth certificate though!

If the child’s father isn’t on the birth certificate it is actually much easier.  My son’s father was not on his and I married my husband (not his father) when he was a baby, then changed my sons name along with mine.  This has posed no problems whatsoever for him getting sponsored by my husbands employer MANY times over the 14 years we have been in UAE.

If your daughter has a different surname from your husband and immigration asks about her father (which is unlikely as not a single person has ever questioned us) you can tell them your child was from your first marriage and that will be the end of it.  They will not care about previous marriage papers as you are not sponsoring the ex. 

So in summary don’t stress over it, you won’t be in trouble with the law, maybe the staff member processing your visa will shake their head and say ‘haram’ if you tell them the true story, but that’s about it.

I am on a Visit Visa here
Looking for Opportunities, and to meet people over here.
Mechanical Engineer
Currently in Abu Dhabi

1. Secure
2. Full of opportunities
3. Wonderful people
4. Lot of things to do

I have more than 10yr experience as a public transport bus driver in united Arab emirates.
Please help me to find a job in Europe or Canada as a diver.


I here in dubai for long looking to make some good friends over 40+

Are you male or female

I Mohamed Ashraf with Engineering back ground.
Open for new opportunity for Project Control Role
Manager / Senior Manager

Hi all,

I am new member here, planning to move to AD around sept 2019 from indonesia.

I am planning move as single, then will bring my family after 1 year there.


Hello everybody,

I am Bilal from Pakistan.

I am a mechanical engineering graduate and have been working in design and development sector for the past 10 years.

Currently, I am working on the Museum of the Future project as Design team Leader for Facade (in case you are unaware of it, it is the egg-shaped building on SZR in front of Emirates Towers).

I would like to get in touch with people in the construction, architecture and lightweight structures professionals to share knowledge and opportunities.

Best of luck to everyone from my side.

Hello Everyone,

I go by the name Zee. I'm here for a couple of months so far as a Senior Legal Counsel, after moving from Saudi Arabia to develop my career.

Originally Egyptian.

Love animals, sports, reading "bookworm here", writing poetry and song lyrics, and swimming (especially at night).

Looking forward to knowing nice, normal friends, and no weirdos please. :-)



Hi everyone,

Am new to this site but im excited to interact with everybody here.

Am 4yrs already in UAE. But what brought me here to this website is im looking for a homeschool program for a friend. Their son is 6yrs old and has a very fragile health issues.

Hope you could recommend something for us.

Thank you

HI Everyone..
Myself Ananth,
coming from Tamil Nadu,
i am working as a Material Engineer/ Controller in Oil & Gas Industry..
Actively looking for a job change... If anything let me know..

My name is Edd, i am considering moving to Dubai soon. Nice to meet you all.  :cheers:

You are welcome lets talk more

Hello Everyone.

My name is Jele. I'm from Sharjah and is new in this website. Hope to share thoughts with y'all.

Hi ,i am Maryam ,a medical doctor ,hoping to find related info on DHA exams here on this website

New on this site, been in Dubai for few months but lived in abu dhbai for almost four years. Here to meet and make new friends.


I am contacting you because i will be in Dubai in a week time and I would like to know if you have good idea about foreign investment? I have good huge capital with  me and a good business idea so i want someone that understand principles.

I will be waiting to hear from you.



Good day,

Thank you and could you please advise me on foreign investment in Dubai; as a foreigner, is it advisable to invest your money in the Middle East? I would like to hear from you and upon receipt of your message with regards to my questions about investment in that region, I shall give you further information.

Thank you for your time and understanding.



Where are you located.



How long have you lived in Dubai? they might be a good opportunity for you, I hope to hear from you soon.


Hello there.  I am Cathrine Chimude. I am looking for a job in the UAE currently. Got a job offer I would like to have verified but don't know how. Anyone to help?

Hi, Im a medical technogist job seeker. Ive tried lots of online websites to apply but no one replied. Anyone could help me to seek hospitals. My data flow and Haad exemption approval still on process.. Im on Abudhabi on 1st week of August. Its very well appreciate for your reply

Dear Sir,

How are you doing today, I have a discussion that interest you and this is because you are from Europe and I feel relaxed to discuss it with you for it is 100% for mutual benefit as i am in the UAE already.

I will be waiting to hear from you soon.


yes . may i help you?

yes you can contact me

Please do contact the Sheikh office through +971565021410 or Come to the office in Al Muraqqabat road in Dubai.

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, anyone interested for his/her problems in immigration or court to be solved, please do visit us in our office in Al muraqqabat or send me a message

Hi, I've been working in Dubai for 15 yrs now and a fulltime nanny/housemaid. I say this is a great country, has so many opportunities to offer, but after living and working here for more than a decade, I feel I wantd to experience living in a different country. And my wish is to be in Denmark. In the past years I have used this site in my search for another employer and this site is so informative and helps a lot.
If anyone here can help me find an employer for Denmark, I'd appreciate it very much.

Lolitta Guillermo, I totally agree with you about this website, it's very helpful and provides plenty of useful information. I recommend that you post your job request on Denmark forum and I'm sure you will get something, I have already received many job opportunities through this website, it really works, just give it a try !
Good luck

Thank you for your reply Kholita, have w great day!!

Lolita Guillermo :

Hi, I've been working in Dubai for 15 yrs now as a fulltime nanny/housemaid. I say this is a beautiful, safe and great country, amd has so many great opportunities to offer, but after living and working here for more than a decade, I feel I wantd to experience living in a different country. And my wish is to be in Denmark. In the past years I have used this site in my search for another employer and this site is so informative and helps a lot.
If anyone here can help me find an employer for Denmark, I'd appreciate it very much.

Freinds : :)  :|

My name is Houssam working as regional sales manager with well-known organization and I’m in UAE since 2004 and now I am looking to join a company with high-performing organization within retail fashion.

hi maryam i am here in dubai work as GP doctor for 3 years. go to
you will find anything there about exam which  you want

Evening All. Im Jaz i live in the UK and work as a Team Manager within Lloyds Banking Group. I have visited Dubai many times and really enjoy the lifestyle. I am considering working out there but i have no idea where to start. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

Hi !
I’m not very good in english sorry but i want to leave and find job in Dubai, you have information on how to do it, I would be happy if we can speaking about This !

I’m French girl, my name is Jasmine and i am twenty.

Good day.


Hi Jasmine,

Well, it depends on your education and work career. You may also apply for jobs within French companies in Dubai.
Let me know if you need some help.

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