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I'm from India living in Abu Dhabi

Just socializing, meeting people and making new friends with matching sensibility.

Hi all

I'm Anna from London about to start a new teaching post in Dubai arrive 22/8/19 , school is located near Palm and accomodation is Sydney Tower in Jumeirah Village Circle...looking forward to exciting opportunity and meeting lots of interesting new people! Any tips, recommendations of local amenities, groups worth checking out please let me know.... Visited friends in 2016 and loved it so much I promised myself I would come back... so three years on here I am looking forward to new adventure....
Helpful hints, fun facts send them my way!!  Anna

Freelance onshore and offshore seismic crew management and acquisition quality control, working as Party Chief or Client Site Representative (CSR).
Degree qualified with technical and managerial experience in seismic oil exploration work in many countries and conditions. Mobilizing, operating and demobilizing crews in desert, jungle, transition zone, 3D, 2D, Vibroseis, dynamite, gravity, and electromagnetic.
Actively looking to accept responsibility and implement new ideas to improve safety, quality and production.

I don’t live on Dubai but I am looking to relocate to either Dubai, Jeddah or Riyadh. Is it hard to get work in a hospital out there as a medical secretary.

I am from the U.K.

Any advice or tips you where I could apply to would be a great help as I have exhausted quite a few options.

Many thanks


If u are registered practitioner ur chances are high, u can get a job. I'm base in dubia

I thought that Saudization was in effect.
I am from the U.K. doesn’t that stop me ?

It seems to be stopping me even if it’s not in Saudi

Hi anyone can help to inmprove my English??
love to meet new friend's in dubai

Hi.. I really love United Arab Emirate,despite the hot season the environment is friendly, would like to make new friends

Hi All,
I am done Bachelor degree in chemistry. I have seven year experience in Petroleum lab. currently I am working in intertek testing services UK LTD as a lab chemist from Oct 2013 in Jebel Ali, Dubai. I am searching for a job from a long time. If anyone have vacancy in Petroleum lab please let me know.  I hope I will get positive response.

Thanks& Regards,
Mahesh Gawas.

Where are you located?
Would be interested.


Hello I am Larry Lewis I am here in Dubai but now I want to start a business here in Dubai but as of right now I may have to get a job here until I can make it happen.


Been here in the UAE for long, seen the skyline here change. Have just recently joined this site. I am from India

Hello everyone

Tsheley here. I am currently living in Dubai searching for a job in mid level Human Resources or administration field. Apart from work, I am looking to participate in expat group gatherings and widen my knowledge in general.

Hi, I am Fahim, came from Delhi, India. I work in Dubai for a well-known classified website in UAE. Hope you guys are doing great.

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