New members of the United Arab Emirates forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hola Halo everyone!

I have been living in Dubai for more than 3 years now.
I created vlogs on my free-time.

Check out my channel here, … gjGO5Ga5Ww


I'm a Belgian (Dutch speaker) currently living in London but moving out to Dubai next month with my husband. (exciiiitiiiing!).
I absolutely love meeting new people and would like to get to know all kinds of amazing, interesting and like-minded people.

Hello there,

You are most welcome and yes it's very exciting to live here with a lot of mix nationalities everywhere in UAE.

Even this can help you in a lot of different ways to explore Dubai even before you arrive. By the way you will be landing on the Sun, it will be peak summers next month onwards. So do not bring any warm clothes lol just caution

Abdulrahman Syed

Hello there,

I have seen the post where you mentioned about Alain and as a matter of fact we have Part time projects related to Hi End Automotive brands if would like to know more then let me know. Thanks


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hello there,

You are most welcome & Lets get connected .


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Hello & Welcome,

Hope you find this forum a useful one as a new member there will be a lot of overwhelming excitement and yes you will come across a lot of users and can share your experience and also you can post whatever comes to your mind.


Abdulrahman Syed

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Hello everyone?
I currently reside in Zambia and I'd love to relocate and work in the UAE. I an agriculturist with an Animal Science bias.
Help me get started. Cheers

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Hello everybody,

about to move to Fujairah next month. Good to see there is an online community building up in here.

We are moving next month as well!


I'm moving to Ajman in August to be a teacher. Hope to meet some other teachers and also expats in Ajman to hang out with.


My husband is going to be a teacher this summer. We will be living in Dubai close to the Sharjah border. It's about half an hour drive from Ajman (which - as I have discovered, is not that far in the UAE). I am trying to get him to sign up for expat as well as we would love to make some more friends in the area.

Sure, i welcome you.


Fujirah is nice place ,  i've been there once and Ilike the place. I hope you enjoy that place .I think 2 hours travel from dubai to Fujirah.

Hi everyone
I'm Rey Solano, just call me sol, presently I'm in Saudi Arabia working as a audio visual integrator, programmer, my contract here will end this December and hoping to be hired in UAE

Hello everyone ,

My name is Zafer and it is relly nice to be here.

I am currently looking for a job opportunity in UAE . My area of specializing is medical devices at different positions and can work as application specialist , field service engineer and account manager (salesman) .

hello everyone!

my name is kerence. i am a Cameroonian and i have been living in Dubai for two years now.
i can speak French and English and i am happy to be a member of the United Arab Emirate Forum.
thank you !

Hi, i am Shubh Ashish Sharma, i am from India and currently working with an Exchange Company. I live in Sharjah. i can speak Hindi. English and Urdu. I am new to this country and wish to explore more. Hope this forum and memebers will be helpful. Thanks

Those who are residing at UAE or who are planning to come to UAE, particularly in Dubai, and looking for best place to unwind, you can check out La Mer. It is free and the place is not as crowded as other beaches and parks.

You can check out my trip here:

La Mer presents the best of sun, sea and outdoor fun in Dubai. A fine addition to the city’s urban beach cred, the inspirational destination features wide open spaces with palm tree-lined boulevards, graffiti art murals and laidback charm. La Mer is sure to become your favourite address to eat, play and unwind.

Nestled between Pearl Jumeirah and Jumeirah bay, La Mer stretches from Jumeirah 1 into the sea, complete with views of the city skyline and Arabian Gulf.

If you need a day of relaxation, head onto the destination's golden sands and soak up the sun and watch the world go by.

It was my first time to visit La Mer and it was fantastic! Highly recommend to visit this place.


Best regards,
Rizzy Dec

i am presently in Ras al Khaimah…….i need i friend.....crying#######


this is Alberto, I'm moving to Abu Dhabi in two days. Will love to connect with people there (or even Dubai as it is not far). I like technology, traveling, reading and dance salsa!


Hi dear ,,, sorry but why u crying 😂

its not funny you know......tears of joy and ion know...….

Hey, I am from INDIA and coming to Dubai around 20th July. Share your number and i will contact you once i reach.

Hi! I am Shiella, a filipina. I been a member of since last year.  I visited dubai twice lastyear last april and december for leisure. I find dubai is a nice place to enjoy. I have friends who's living and working there and i am planning to work in dubai too. However,it's not that easy to find work online so i am thinking to travel again for walk in application  this year.  I'm working as a Procurement officer/purchasing in one of the construction company in the Philippines for 8 years.  Being a member of this site is very helpful because it guides me to know what are things that I need to know before I decide to live and work in the foreign countries.

Hi! Im from the Philippines and moving to Abu Dhabi later this year! :)

AlbertoAlcaraz :


this is Alberto, I'm moving to Abu Dhabi in two days. Will love to connect with people there (or even Dubai as it is not far). I like technology, traveling, reading and dance salsa!


Welcome! I heard it is a lot easier to find friends and connect with people n Abu Dhabi - so in that aspect, you are already quite lucky haha. Hope you settle in well!

You mean compared to Dubai? I always thought that Dubai has more "social life" than Abu Dhabi... Anyway, as it's very close of one another, we can always hangout or do weekend plans!


welcome to UAE i wish you a great and wonderful time in UAE...…….all the best

hello.i am ditas and i want to know where can i review for g+4 exam in dubai.

All the best for FIFA World Cup.

hi I am Ditas and presently working here in Sharjah, I just want to know where can I take a review or trainer for G+4 DM exam

Im aly from egypt work as a freelancer personal trainer in dubai

hi all I am from calcutta, India.Hospitality (catering) professional with 18 years exp coming soon to dubai on tourist visa.If you know of any opportunities do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you  & regards

I am Indian Chartered Accountant and planning to move to Dubai.

Hello, got a job in Abu Dhabi, moving at the end of the month. Been to the UAE a couple of times though. Where is the best place for a single lady to live? New friends welcome :)

Hello. I believe a good place for a single lady is in Reem Island. But everywhere is safe here  nothing to worry about. I was born here moved to Canada for a while and came back. Now working. Also always open for new friends. :)

Greetings friends? I'm Lilian looking for a sponsor to work for him / her as a caregiver/nanny/babysitter. I'm a nurse by profession.

Helloo welcome to Abu Dhabi. I was born here, went to Canada for 6 years and now back. Always open to make new friends :)


I am not yet living in the UAE, but making a big effort to be there very, very soon!

Will spend the month of November 2018 in Abu Dhabi, a decision we made as a family to reach our goal, move to Abu Dhabi during 2018/2019.

Anyone have some tips on what to do in November 2018?

Anyone working in a company looking for a Project Manager with Electrical background with 14 years experience?



I m ahmed from Pakistan, working in Abu Dhabi by profession Petroleum engineer.
This is good foru

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