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Jake here. Retirement dittos! Haven't made the big move yet but it points to Baguio. All I need is a fast internet connection and American cable tv. A tall building that can withstand the heavy rain would help plus a neighborhood where one can walk to everything. I heard  that it's smoggy. Monthly rentals? Expat get togethers for coffee/ beer. Talk to me.

Hey all I’m coming to Philippines 🇵🇭 to take part in the ICC WT20 Qualifiers East Asia Pacific Region. I’ll be in Tagaytay but traveling to Dasmarines from Friday each day till end of the Tournament. I’d like to explore this lovely country but most important meet new people while I’m there. I’ll be in the Philippines on Tuesday,

Hear from you soon.

Hi, name's Doug.  New on this site, today.  Will be moving to the Philippines as soon as our house in the US sells, in the spring
Been to the Philippines 6 times and love it.  Married to a Filipina for almost 7 years.
Retirement will be busy as I have a large extended family that I want to know much better.

If you don't count relationships gone wrong, I have never had a bad experience there.
If you're considering a move or even a visit, just keep your eyes open, as you should  in every unfamiliar situation, anywhere.

I would like to learn a little Cebuano before I travel in January, but Google translator only has Tagolog, I think
Is there a website or app that may be a good place to learn?

All my electronics are 110vac. Are converters easy to buy in PH?

Plenty to see and do in Tagaytay area. Lots of great restaurants and street food! Traffic isn’t to bad in the area but don’t stray to far north or you might be hard pressed to get back in a timely manner! One great experience is to be had at Isdaan Park! The floating restaurant will blow your mind and the food is awesome! Check it out only me! Enjoy!!

There are a series of lessons on YouTube.  I think you just need to search, Cebuano.
Good luck with this one.

Saw this forum while looking for other expats' experience.  I am starting to plan my retirement after living in Sydney for 30 years.  After seeing different places in the Philippines, I would like to have a place in Palawan.  Maybe buy 2-5 acres of land (yes I can own land) with beachfront and build a comfortable house with the basic ameneties.
Anyone who has lived in Palawan for some time (not on holidays), and can give some reality check what to expect would be great.   Also interested to know if there's anyone or a group willing to split/share in the cost of retiring living (e.g. buy large parcel of land and building costs, installing solar energy, sourcing water, etc.).  Thank you for your thoughts/ideas.

I am Octan from Taiwan.
I have business in Manila. Will go there every month, stay 4 ~ 7 days.
Hope to learn Tagalog from Filipinos.


Voltage converters are easy to purchase here in the Philippines.  However, check the labels on your power supply/chargers for your laptops and cellphones.  Many, if not most will operate safely in a range of voltages of somewhere between 100 and 230 volts, so you may have no need for a voltage converter.   
Home stereos, TVs or even printers may however need a suitable voltage converter.

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