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Hi and welcome

Welcome as well in this new forum (for me)
After 2 x 4 month in the Philippines (and as well Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos before) I feel that Phils is a good place for my future. Thailand was on the hit list (mainly because of food) but my feeling is that for foreigners Thailand is getting more worse!
I've traveled in the Phils in Luzon, Negros, Mindoro, Bohol, Palawan and one thing I realized is "the really beautiful" beaches you don't find on main lands - you have to go by boat from main island to outside islands - strange, but true :o)
I'm still searching for the right place  - Puerto Galera, Port Barton, Siquior looks nice - Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Dumaguete etc. are not for me.
I would like to start my own (sole propriertorship - BMBE) as mental coach in Phils - let's see how registration goes when I go there (retirement VISA).

I'm open and happy for any comments, hints on "nice placed to live" (mix between foreigners and locals, beach in the near, "safe") and experiences to start up self-employed and small business.

Regards David

Welcome here! Im close by in Butuan if yall ever get bored!

I'm new here ! I live in Davao City and love it.  I love Mountain Biking and have made new friends here.  Samal Island is lovely place for day or weekend trips especially for biking.

That sounds awesome!

hi, everyone. i,m shayne, like meeting knew freinds. i have traveled many times to Malaysia. interesting in seeing philipines and meeting knew friends

Good afternoon,

my name is Mirko and I moved to Cebu City two months ago with my family because of work. So far I made only good experiences and I have a lot of time looking at Cebu City during the daily traffic jam on my way to work, haha!

Good being part of the group. Cheers!

Hello I'm Christopher from Louisville Kentucky.Home of the Kentucky Derby, Muhammad Ali and The Best Bourbon Whiskey in the world.Oh, also a lot of the water that is used for that bourbon flows thru one of the worlds largest caves,Mammoth Cave in southern Kentucky...close to where I went to college..Western Kentucky University Bowling Green,KY.
Im working on a Science Fiction novel right now and fell in love with the Philippines during my first visit in 2001.Still not "brave" enough to eat balut but I love almost all native dishes.This time around I want to visit as close as a human can get to Mt. Pinatubo..volcanology is one of my many "hobbies." I visited Taal on my last visit but that's just not the same.Mayon would be nice too! A real beach like in Palawan would be a bonus!


I've also recently moved here from the United States. Currently residing in Las Pinas. I was born here in Catanduanes, but have lived in Florida since I was 4.

I, too, am looking to meet new friends. Places, preferably nearby, to go would be a great help to me! Oh, also preferably, to meet other expats!

Thank you!

Hi Dianalyn,
I don't live near there but, I wanted to welcome a fellow Floridian. :)

Hello there!

What part of Florida? I moved from the Space Coast  :)

Hi All,

I'm new here! Malaysian working in Philippines!

Dianalyn :

Hello there!

What part of Florida? I moved from the Space Coast  :)

Jacksonville Dianalyn. :)
I am on my way to Cebu in the morning.

Hi xytho777!!  Welcome

HI, I am David - 55 flying into Manila  Sept 1 . Going onto Dipolog Sept 5

Hi all,

Mike here from Australia. Just looking for help and guidance for relocation to the Philippines if my Fiances Visa is refused. We are both in our sixties and are thinking the Oz govt is not seeking older people to migrate just so in a couple of years they will go on the pension, so hence is why I am looking here. I like Tagaytay, but also Sagada and puerto princesa. My main concerns are cost of medical supplies and services in the Philippines. Thanks to this sites management and to any future help.

Hi there
We are a married couple from South Africa and planning to retire in the Philippines next year. Is it worthwhile and how much money will I need to move there.

Hello Travelbuddyz!

You need to be more specific on what you expect; where you are thinking of residing, what you anticipate doing and how frequently, and how much money you hope to budget.  It all depends.  Try for cost of living comparisons.


I am Alvin and I am looking for Russian / Brazilian friends for language exchange.
I want to actually discuss something about the Russian/ Portuguese language in my channel~
Let me know if you are interested. Thanks! ;)

Hi I am a Chinese Malaysian too new to Manila. I live nearby SM Megamall and work as an Engineer.

Hello all,
My name is Arlene and I'm interviewing for an American Company in the Philippines.  I was born there but raised in the US never thinking I would have an opportunity like this.  I've joined this forum to learn more about what it's like to  move down there.  So good to know there are many expats.   

hello all. I am currently living in sampaloc manila reside here 2 years already doing clothing busimess.  want to make more friends

I have not heard of any women's soccer teams here in the Philippines.

from Pennsylvania. work as a mason until winter and then have off til april. been to mindanao three times, twice with two of my kids. in 2015 my ten year old daughter was the first American child to climb mt. apo, first child to ascend from paradise camp to summit in one day and she did it in sandals. i am looking for other interesting people. i have a new son there so it is becoming a second home. 
i have been a mason for 20 years. natural stone, block, brick, concrete. i do alot of stonework and i know there are others here who want stonework done. i am all about finding symbiotic relationships with people. i will be returning to digos next month until work begins again in april. peace.

you must climb mt. apo. i am personal friends of sir george garcia, director of the CARE mountaineer rescue groups of mindanao. took two of my young kids. great place.

I choose Talisay City, it’s close to Cebu City so you have the port, airport, hospital and many other important things there....and fare enough to be not so crowded.....and many nice islands around you can reach shortly by boat...


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I have moved here from the US myself (Minnesota). I live in Paranaque area. I saw your post. Can you tell me more about yourself?  I am looking to find friends around my area more.


I am Charlie. American man new to Cebu. I am looking for new friends and people who do RC models especially. I am 50-year-old retired military. Former professor also.

I am disabled but can do most things (eye, nerve injuries. cannot drive, but can do most things) so I am looking for a helper.

I am looking for a helper to help me find a new place.

Spend my time doing my hobbies and some consulting work.


Hi Expats.

My name is Tom and I'm a native of the Pacific Northwest part of the U.S..  I'm in my early 50's.  I'm in The Philippines for the first time on this visit.

My belief is that a productive way to register dissatisfaction with the geopolitics of one's country is to vote with one's feet.  It is also a good way to develop options, and when a nation is on the wrong track it's prudent to have the option of stepping off in an expeditious manner should the need arise.  Unfortunately this is not a practical option for many people but it happens to be for me.  From what I can see in casual observation, The Philippines is on an upward trajectory at the moment.  At least in my opinion.  I hope it continues this way, and if I can play a minor role in this I would be delighted to do so.

I have a great life back home and a lot of projects going on, but I have the 'bandwidth' to work on projects here as well.  My hope is to arrange to hop back and forth as I please for a few decades.  Fortunately I have no medical issues or really any pressing needs.  Working on obtaining an SRRV on this trip.

I've been in Cagayan de Oro for a week now.  I'm happy to report that I've seen nothing which I found surprising or disappointing.  All of the people I've run across seem friendly and nice and I'm having a nice trip so far.  I'm getting the hang of riding a motorcycle again, but unwilling to brave rush-hour traffic of yet.  I have a girlfriend who I love quite a bit.  She has, of course, been instrumental in getting things set up for me to have an enjoyable and productive stay.

I live up on the hill by SM as do many other expats so I've heard.  It would be of interest to me to know of others in the expat community who might be near by.

Yes, I am aware of the problems that people report about safety and Mindanao generally.  I don't have any strong opinions about these things since I don't know enough about them yet.  Suffice it to say that I try to keep my eyes open as to what is going on around me, and I don't take a lot of unnecessary risks.

Best wishes to all,

- Tom

Welcome to the forum Tom, good tidings with your future ventures, though We've not been to CDO yet it is on the bucket list, good luck and enjoy.

Cheers, Steve.

Hi, my name is Ted and I am looking to retire in the Philippines in a few months and looking primarily at areas around Manila.  From some of the reading I have done here and on other websites it seems to be mixed feelings about Manila.  So, I am hopeful that some here will be able to provide solid pros & cons about the various areas.  I have heard good things about Cebu City and Davao as well as a few others, but it has been consistent that Manila has the better medical facilities.  The areas I have been thinking about are near San Pedro, but again I want some feed back from those living in the Philippines now.

Some of my priorities and concerns are security, medical, transportation, monthly cost, shopping, entertainment, beaches, etc.

Would love to connect with some living there, either IM, phone, Skype, Viber, email.

Thanks and hope to get responses soon.


Hello Ted.
I am in Cebu right now.  Where abouts are you planning to move from ?  I am on skype.
regards  Bruce

Hy Ted,
I’m German in Talisay City. It’s close to Cebu City where is everything what you describe. The only thing I miss is a public beach, only resorts we have.
But anyway it’s easy to reach plenty of nice islands by boot very quick...


I'm new here. Been to Philippines and stayed for a while, now back in Singapore.

I have plans to go back there and start businesses and build little farmhouse. Cutesy.

Right now I'm gonna work hard and move on from my last heartache, while throwing myself entirely into work. My heart is building up tall walls.

I'm an absolute keen learner and love building and creating things. Love helping people and inspiring new actions.

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