The best apps for expats in Sweden


We invite you to share information regarding some of the apps that have helped to facilitate your move abroad in Sweden. This will help expats-to-be who are making the move as well.

Which apps did you use while preparing your move to Sweden?

What apps do you use the most for your everyday life in Sweden: whether it's for transport, managing finances, general information, learning the language of your host country, leisure activities, etc.?

How does this technology help you in your everyday life as an expat?

Which apps would you recommend to expatriates in Sweden and why?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Apps for transport: I live in Malmö so a very helpfull app for bus and train transport is "Skånetrafiken" app where you can buy tickets and see bus schedules! Another great app for busses all over sweden nearby countries is "goeuro" where you can buy tickets to anywhere in Sweden and europe.

For leisure i would highly recomend "Meetup" app where people create events in which you can join for free and sometimes for a small fee depending the activity. A great app to meet new people from all around the globe!

The best App - Local App,Vastraffic

I never use any software.But i am interested to move Sweden. By professional i am a banker and I have 5 years of working experience.I have mba degree.Looking forward from your side

Some useful apps to have in Sweden include SJ for trains, and Swish for easy money transfers (assuming the other person also has swish)

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