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I trusted another Australian man and his Vietnamese wife to have my Red Book put into their name and now they are refusing to give it back.  What Can I Do?

Nothing. They are the owners now

Thanks NPBD, But I have the bank record from where I paid the money and the previous owners have said they will go to court for me, as well as the others do not have any bank account here, is there nothing I can do?

I believe you need a lawyer to help you in this case. It will be difficult but it is possible.

The solution depend on your end goal: do you want the red book or do you want your money back?

if you want your money back, i believe there is a way because you have the trail of documents and proof of payment record. it's a matter of pursuing proper legal recourse. Transactions can be invalid if they were formed based on misunderstanding or deception. When the transaction is invalid, the Australian man and his wife who received your money must return it to you by law.

if you want the red book, this will be harder because you paid for a house that you couldn't (and still cannot) own. even if they transfer to another Vietnamese person that you appoint, they did not pay for the house so there is no trail of documents that can prove their entitlement to it

Get a lawyer asap.

Thank you all for your replies

Hi has any one received the redbook for the property they have purchased ,how long did it take ... Any idea

That depends a little on the situation.

For a house or an apartment in new developed project, it can take up to a year.

If you have bought a used property, it should take several weeks to several months to rewrite it (depending on how busy the responsible office is).
But in the case of a used property, you should actually receive the previous owner's red book after payment.
I only know this from the purchase of land.  But with a house or apartment purchase it should be actually the same.

All depends on the office you are dealing with. We got it in 4 weeks in Danang, yet in a small countryside city it took 4 months.

Hi Andy it was a new project which finish last year ,so I got last year ,now Al most one year

To secure a house ,is the purchase contract and the red color vat invoice Enough , can any do any shady work from the back while a red book is pending

Now for me 1 year finish ,they are saying don't know when is the exact date they will provide or apply for the redbook ,

This is new construction and this are constructing even more and more building ,

Plus guys don't speak English to fight with them

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