Can I find 200-300ish USD/month rental for 2-3months?

Hi all,

Trying to get a realistic price range for Danang. Can I find short term rental apartment that goes for around 200 to 300 USD per month?

This is for two persons. Planning to stay for 3 months in Danang.

Studio would be enough. good ventilation with adequate sized window (not too hot/safe from rain). should be on the upper floors. Stable electricity (Ive read some budget accommodations that turn off electricity some hours at night). Furnished (just basic). Environment should be not too noisy as we work online. Some sort of security a plus. Prefer an apartment (no house sharing or renting a room from a local family).

Location is flexible, we are ok with a 15-20 minute walk to either city center or the beach. Ok With a a minutes (15-20) walk to the local market and  riverside too.

Also, how much deposit is expected from us? Electricity cost? Can we expect the deposit back?

Thanks in advance.

Hi iMap,

You should refer to the Housing in Da Nang section of the website by dropping a "looking for" advert to see what offers are made to you. You will have an idea about the price range.

Maybe a few hints on the websites mentioned in the Accommodation in Da Nang article.

All the best,


I recently moved here to the My An area and found a simple studio with kitchenette (basically a fridge, sink and rice cooker) for 200USD a month.   My Deposit was about 50USD but depending on the place, they range from that up to a one-month deposit.  I found deposits to be negotiable.  I haven't been here a month yet, but I expect to pay about 25-30USD extra for electricity since I use AC a lot. There is a meter right in my room for me to track cost. Most places include wifi and the signal is as strong as anywhere.

I first booked a hotel and spent a week canvasing neighborhoods for places.  In my neighborhood (My An) there are a lot of "studio available" signs in front of buildings that I didn't see advertised on the internet. I found this place by walking up and talking to the owner in person.

One last thing, there is a huge amount of construction going on in Danang, especially near the beach.  When I first came here, unknowingly my internet booked hotel was next to a massive, loud building site, with hundreds of workers' whose only job seemed to be to bang on things.  I would hesitate to book anything long term until you've seen it in person.

I hope this helps.  I'm new to this place, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. I'll do my best.


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Hi Sander,

Its great to hear that we can find 200-300 USD short term accommodation for 3 months.

Your response is really very helpful. Thank you so much.

I guess we'll start to choose specific areas now, stay in a hotel first for about a week or so and just walk around. Good tip on the construction noise now ongoing in Danang. We will make sure to check construction noise level before moving in to an apartment.

Excited for our Danang trip now. Thanks!

Kelly1809, thanks for sharing your apartment. It will still be a few months when we visit Danang but will check it out when we get there.

Cheers guys!

Hi sanderenter,
Could you give the address for a studio for 200$ a month, please?
Thanks i advance


I'm not sure what you mean.  I'll try to help...

You said : I recently moved here to the My An area and found a simple studio with kitchenette (basically a fridge, sink and rice cooker) for 200USD a month...
So could you tell me where can I find this kind of studio for 200USD a month?

I think there is a room available in my building for $200 a month. Contact "Diy Living Creatively" here on and ask her. She can give you some information, if you want.  She's the owner of this building.  You can say Sander gave her this information.

The rentals above Namunamu2 restaurant were going for $200 last I checked and when I walked around the Xuan Ha area I found a few that were within that price range, though they weren't that great.   I'm new here so I don't have much knowledge about streets or exact addresses.

Are you having trouble finding a place?

Oh, thanks a lot.
Now, I am staying in hotel for 300$ a month without kitchen  :sosad:
I still have the dilemma of staying in Danang or HoChiMinhCity for my job.
Once decided of staying in Danang, I would have a simple studio for 200$ a month.

Yes, You can definitely find a condominium with 200usd/month. Short term rental shouldn't be a problem. U can take a look at Nest Home condominium. I just do a quick google and see some results but It's not allow me to post a link here, I guess so.

Ok. Thanks a lot.

Hi ndnparis,
If you want to live at Western Area, you can find some apartments near An Thuong Str area. For a budget around $200/month you might have to find some place not so nice and a bit far from the beach. There are some websites providing rental services, you would not have to pay the fees for them as owner will do.

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Hi Kelly,
On Facebook, your apartments look nice.
How does it cost, the simple one with bathroom and kitchen? And how big is it?
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your quick reply. It is ok.
Once decided, I will get in touch with you to take a look at a studio.
Merci beaucoup et à bientôt

Pas problem, a bien tot alors :)

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