Remodeling apartment...Who do I get?

3 bedroom apartment in Poblado, 170 m2.  I want to upgrade/add new kitchen cabinets, add some lighting, add new floor throughout.  I am NOT very handy.
Don't want to get someone that shows up, but doesn't have the tools to do the job or wants money upfront and then only does half of job.
Any recommendations on a company that does good RELIABLE work?

I arranged for kitchen countertop upgrades .. and had flooring replaced and new lighting put in a couple of years ago at my condo in Quito, Ecuador.

The countertop work was done by a company that installs high-end Corian countertop work .. and was prominently listed in online 'yellow pages'.

All the other work was done by the conserje, an employee of the condo complex,  and his assistant.

Everything came out fine.

See if you can get some referrals for the flooring and lighting.

I paid less than 50 percent upfront for labor in all cases .. plus materials as needed.

cccmedia from Ipiales, Colombia

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