I am just about to sign a Rental Appartment Contract, and the LL wants 20EUR extra for the Communal charges.
Now, the cathc is, they don t show a recepit/bill for it, that is actually 20EUR. Are they obliged to show me the bill/recepit they received for the Couumnal Chareges? How do I know there is actually 20EUR and not 10EUR for the Communal Charges, if they dont even have/show me any of the paid /alleged/// recepits?
Thank you in advance, :)

We pay costs for lights, lift and monthly cleaners but we get the electric bill as a copy for us so we know what it is. I would insist on nothing  less.

We are in a Penthouse in a block of 8 new apartments and our 'Communal Charges' amount to about €2 a month which just covers the cost of electric in the common areas. ie. lift and lights in stairs.  (Only 4 contribute as the others do not require the lift, which is key entry anyway). Cleaning is minimal and done by the occupiers on each level (2).
If your €20 is monthly that sounds excessive!


Hi, and thank you. So, what shall I tell them now ? That i want a recepit bill to see the actuall cost of 20EUR? They want to put that 20eur cc in the clause in the rental contract...

Everywhere varies and it is impossible to put a figure on it without being there.
If you think that sounds like a reasonable cost for your share of the communal costs and work done then fine, if not then walk away.


for our apartment yearly cost for communal charges are 450 euro
our landlord already calculated that into rent, so he pays it every year

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