Ladies: up for a drink?

I’m new in Abu Dhabi. I moved here 3 months ago from Switzerland. I settled down by now and are starting to enjoying it but have a difficult time to find some female friends to hang out with because of my quite tight working schedule.
Any ladies around that would like to join me for a drink or coffee or sports? I’m easygoing and like to laugh a lot, relax, hang around with friends and of course have very long girl chats:)


I stay in shj but going to come to abu dhabi soon. 🙃
Lets explore together

I can hook you up with my Friends living there.

Hello am in Dubai now.. can we hangout?

Am not new in Abu Dhabi but no friendes yet. Welcome for hung out

Hi! I am new to Abu Dhabi and looking to make girlfriends. Would you like to meet tomorrrow?

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