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Hello everyone,

Im living in Kuwait, Mahboula to be exact and I was wondering if there is any upcoming events that is fun in Kuwait for this week or the next?

Sara Xx

There's always something going on, the problem I have is finding one spot that lists all of them.

Kuwait upto date usually has a calendar of upcoming events:  http://www.kuwaitup2date.com/events/  However, I try not to use that site too much because the articles they post seem kind of alarmist.

I've also found instagram to be a good source of info.  I just went and typed "kuwait cars" (becaues that's kind of my hobby area) and followed a couple pages with events listed.  Kareq8 is another I follow, it's a pet rescue/fostering organization and they have adoption events every friday.  (just a loose knit of young people who like pets and get together really.)

Hope that helps.

I would suggest you guys join internatioins.org it's an amazing way to meet new people and attend parties

Hi Sara

What type of events you re looking for? Do you drink?

Let me know

Sara posted Dec 2018 so you are a little late replying.

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