Two Filipino missing in Iran

Dear members my name is Ariel my brother in law Cristofer Yalung and Mateo Cid went to visit Iran on November 16 and they are expected to be back on their job in Oman as Professor on November 25. But both of them failed to come back on their job. Their last known location is on Milad Tower Tehran Iran that is on November 24 which they are expected to be on their Airplane flight to Oman.

I wonder if someone have heard any news about them. I would appreciate it very much if you can message me or reply back on this post.

Thank you very much in advance.


Contact the Iranian embassy.

They'll be able to get hold of all information concerning foreign nationals in Iran.
Depending on the situation they might not want to pass that on to you but, if they are actually missing, they'll help.

Hi Fred thank you very much.

foreigners must take care themselves so much in iran , specially who don't know persian language.

I hope these two people are found very soon.

Please inform us , if you get new information , I became worried about their health as a human

Now I searched in Iranian news sites , maybe some news I can find about them , unfortunately no news.
Of course it is policy in Iran , they don't spread bad news happened about tourists , because it will have very bad effects on tourism of Iran.

Government of Filipino must pursue seriously this case

Did you got any news from your 2 friends missing ?
We are worried

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