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Hi guys .
My self perkash and im planing to travel turkey in jan 2018 . So what is best city to get job and how to convert my dubai driving license in to turkish license.

Hi friends
Im more nervous about accommodation in istanbul . Plz give me best idea . Like here in Dubai easily can find out bed space on Dubbizzle app .

UAE permits are accepted in Turkey, you can easily convert it to Turkish License..
when you come contact me, I work in this office
only translation and some photos, blood test and your original driving license, a customer of us did it, but when you go to driving license center in Istanbul, they take the original from you, before coming to Istanbul, go to driving centers in Dubai and tell them that you lost your original license, you pay maybe 50 dirhams and get a new one, in this case, you will have two licenses, the Turkish government takes one, and give you instead a Turkish driving license, and on the other hand you keep the other UAE permit with you in case if you return to DXB.

Have a good day.

* I advise you to come in Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey, tons of jobs, requires foreign experience / English / other languages, full of expats, and Turkey in General is so lovely and people are very peaceful and they are Great <3

Also you can find a lot of jobs by providing your cv and applying to jobs through this website, I don't know if its ok to share the website but http://www.kariyer.net/ I hope it is.

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