There are honest agents out there who make a living processing papers and even helping foreigners get jobs in the low end, like domestic helpers. The only problem seems to be the extreme prices they charge, like up to six months salary. And, if something goes wrong and the job doesnt work out, they will do the work again for free.

To me, an agent scam is the advert I see every two weeks in my mailbox. The paper clearly reads, "Earn RM3000-12,000 per month picking fruit on a farm in Australia! Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! Earn for your future! Work only six hours a day! All lodging and food included!" So I called, and the moment they heard I was a westerner they immediately said they had no jobs, so sorry. I waited an hour and had a Malay woman call and they had an interview on the phone and asked her to prepay an agent fee of, I dont know, RM300 or something, to get a list of all the jobs and that there were many available RIGHT NOW! We had quite a laugh. 100% scam, OF COURSE. Worse than a scam, I believe if such a woman ever got far enough in this process she would find herself on a cargo ship on her way to a factory in Mongolia, never to be heard from again. I dont understand why law enforcement doesnt send undercover agents into this human trafficking and destroy these organizations.

I forget the name of that mall opposite the Pudu station--Pudu Raya?? Anyway, in there are legit agents for low jobs like cooks and maids. I used to go there for freight agents and saw plenty of foreigners in and out of the job-agent offices. They dont advertise their services but they are there nevertheless. Also, a filipino told me that embassies keep lists of good and bad agents. I would also go to the filipino Baptist Born Again church at Bukit Bintang and ask the women for legit agents.

There is another group of agents who dont mean to be scammers but they are. These are ordinary people who believe they can make $10,000 or $50,000 a month in agent fees for arranging jobs and visas. They start their work with no experience but they believe they have enough contacts and "special friends" in govt to make it work. When they let you down, its because their "special friends" turned out to be not so special after all, were only big mouths, or decided to be greedy for more bribe money. I always thought such people did things directly but no, there is a chain of people involved and its very easy for the chain to break. All the applicant sees is failure and money gone, and then believe it was all a big scam. It didnt start that way but ended that way. How to find the real one, the honest one who would even return your money? Impossible to know, only your experience knows.

Indeed on the last point. Whenever i sourcing for expats candidate and they are currently staying at malaysia (Student visa/social visa holder). I will ask them if they willing to exit Malaysia while we applying for their EP.

What, Immigration wont do "Journey Performed" anymore?

Scamming is very popular in Malaysia, be aware.

The actually Hiring foreigner cost for company only around 2K-3K per person (or may be less). If any company request you to pay higher for them, it is obviously a scam.
Also, Company never charge any cost to any employee. And you have to ask for full contract that is signed by lawyer in that company before to go to anywhere.

The best way I did: is to go directly to that company, check on one day, can go by tourist visa. But at least, safer.

The same with Singapore. Try to avoid tax by tourist visa. It happened to all people who want to work abroad. Sadly, many people still believe.

Please reply to my post. Thanks … 33#4554008

Latest job scam detected is using the company name Oriental Oxygen based in Johor

Gravitas :

Latest job scam detected is using the company name Oriental Oxygen based in Johor    (registered 31/8/2018 in West Bengal)

and       (Reg 16-MAY-2000 in Malaysia)

How similar they are

Hello I am new on trying to apply abroad. I was invited in LinkedIn to apply for a position in Oriental Oxygen and after submitting my cv in their recruitment email, i received a job offer for a job I selected without an interview or anything. I received an acknowledgement letter which is like a contract with the JD and offer and they are requiring to hear my response within 2 working days. I am very apprehensive about this 1st because the employment process is too fast and unconventional and 2nd they are requiring me to pay for my own personal bond of MR1000. They did assure that they will reimburse me once I pass their one month trial period and that visa and plane ticket will be covered by them. The email they used seems legit and I did email to their careers email from the company website and they confirmed. Could you please guide me on this? I tried emailing malaysian embassy here in the philippines to check if what the company is asking is legal malaysian procedure but i did not receive any feedback. Thanks in advance.

A well known SCAM! You don't have a job.

Thanks a lot. Just read the earlier threads. Good thing I have never agreed to anything nor send anything to them then.

100% Scam. Future readers - Don't touch it

What happens if you say that you accept the offer?

cvco :

What happens if you say that you accept the offer?

You pay them
You send your passport
You lose all your cash
You have to report your passport as stolen and get a replacement.
You also risk identity theft and your bank being cleared out, and/or finding out you have a load of loans in your name, all with your passport used as ID.

Any other questions?

Please report the company to LinkedIn.

There are 3 further Filipina who have been approached by this company.

Do your best to circulate a warning on PH social media as they are obviously mercilessly targeting specific individuals.

Noted. I did warn my friends. I will report their ‘head hunter’ to LinkedIn to possibly block and be on the lookout on this individual.

hi there i'm planing to visite malaysia too

Dear Gravitas,

Good Day!

I am a Filipino and currently working in Qatar, however I received a job offer to Malaysia . However I would like to ask  cause this is my frist time to work if ever. They are asking for a RM 1000.00 payment and requires me to buy a Personal Bond/ Security Bond from the immigration as my working visa is on process. I would like to ask if this procedure is currently possible and legit for the expats like me. Or is this really one of the step for hiring procedure?? I am seeeking for your help and hoping u can answer my question..
Thank you so much

As you seem to be aware as you are posting in the JOB Scam discussion the job does not exist and the company and job offer are fake.

A normal recruitment in Malaysia will not include being asked for money. The employer will make an application to Immigration and you will also be given clearance by another ministry.

Oriental Oxygen is operating a job scam aimed at nats from the Philippines.

Please report the company and warn others.

jobhunter0702 :

They are asking for a RM 1000.00 payment

That should be enough to realise they're scammers.
If it isn't, send the cash and then realise you've been ripped off.

jobhunter0702 :

I received a job offer to Malaysia. The name of the company is Oriental Oxygen Shd.

You only have to read a few posts above your question to find out the answer.
Bit pointless posting busts if people are too inept to read it.

To report online content that is being used in job scams (eg fake or malicious websites) … -complaint

Hello Everyone, thank you so much. I think the scammer from Oriental Oxygen targeted people from my university based on LinkedIn connections. We’ve already reported this to The Department of Foreign Affairs

Dear Experts,

I Have been working in Malaysia on EP II from past 6 months (i.e from Nov 2018 till now). Recently I have been offered a new Jon in Malaysia from a different employer.

My last working Day with Company A is 31st May 2019.
They have agreed to cancel the EP and provide me NOC(release letter).

My EP cancellation has been raised online and EP last date as put by the Employer A  is 21st June.

My New Employment start date at Company B is 3rd June 2019.

Query 1 :  Can I join the company B on 3rd June instead of EP cancellation date put by Employer A is 21st June.

Query 2: Can Employer A shorten my EP cancellation date to 3rd June (As the request for EP cancellation is only initiated online for now) Physical cancellation of pass in Passport is still pending.

Query 3: Can  Stage 1 EP raised by Employer B without the NOC and Tax clearance letter from LHDN.

I will be looking forward for your advice on the above stated matter.
Thank you.

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