Looking for waiter/cleaning services in Bruges or any cities

Good morning everyone, please I have a working experience in this jobs categories such as waiter, housekeeping, cashier, security guards and storekeeping as well, basically in an hospitality industries and I am mainly concern in waiter and housekeeping, but I speak English fluently, and I have passion to learn Dutch when I arrive in Belgium or learn any related languages.  I will be glad if anyone be of help by giving me job link where I can apply for this job I am interested working as waiter or cleaning services, I don't mind working in any cities, but I will be glad if I have a job link in Bruges thanks.

Hi Snillocme,

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I would suggest you to create a detailed resume in the Jobs in Bruges section of the website.

Best of luck


Thanks Chris, I appreciate.

Chris just navigated now, just can't find any jobs, but thanks for ur efforts.

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