I Need Quality Business Cards

Hi All,

I am in need of some high quality business cards for my new business.
And hoping not to pay gringo prices :-/

I'm in Bogota, but don't really care where they come from as long as they're great and not overpriced.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated!


There are many print shops in Bogotá that will print you up tarjetas de presentación for reasonable, posted prices - there are not really any "gringo" prices.

Look at these links for print shops, empresas de impresión, you can find more by doing a search for
bogota tarjetas de presentacion


http://impresoresbogota.com/impresion-t … sentacion/


http://www.agenciaonepublicidad.com/ima … esentacion

http://www.auros.com.co/Tarjetas_de_Presentaci%C/!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\B3n_Est%C/!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\A1ndar/

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