Job opportunities for native English speaker in Bogota

I am looking to move to Colombia around the start of next year and so I’m researching into moving there and job opportunities, best places to live etc.

I currently work in sales in the UK and I’m studying TEFL to teach English abroad.
I wanted to know what the job opportunities are for English Teachers in Colombia and or any other job opportunities that would be available to me.

I have been looking online and a lot of employers for teaching English want a BA Hons degree along with a TEFL qualification or equivalent.

Any help would be appreciated in terms of job opportunities as mentioned above as well as best places to consider living within Bogota.

I don’t speak Spanish but it is on my to do list and would definitely want to go out there with Atleast enough knowledge of the language to be able to get by. Time is on my side I guess.

Thanks in advance.

There is always work in Bogotá but low pay unless you get into a private school.
Medellín and Cali are also good options

You can send me your C.V. so we might talk about a job opportunitty  down here in Cali, Colombia in a near future.
I will be needing around 5 native english speakers to start up a new project.
Teaching experience is not a must but it would be best, a driver's license is required as well as some knowledge on wireless classroom technology.
Some knowledge of the Spanish language would be great and helpful.
The positions available will required at least a 3 months commitment as a part or full time job.
The main duties will be:
To deliver general English and English for Academic purposes through project based learning in an unusual environment set up (you will be teaching outside of the regular classroom) , to improve linguistic skills among students and promote a greater motivation and autonomy in the acquisition of language skills.



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