Indonesia Community in Netherlands

Hello, I'm new here in Utrecht. I searching Indonesia community around Utrecht that they can help me to give information about Netherlands. Thank you i will be pretty happy you can help me guys.


Must it be nesseceraly Indonesian?
Here are many expat from all sorts walk of life who can help you.

What do you need or want to know?

Hi, i have some not good condition. I was go at iND to apply for verification against EU Law because my husband from European citizen and they said my husband should have contract for work min 1 year with include the paper from salary for 3 months and then you can apply. I just wondering, i have only 3 months visa until February, if i apply that aplication, they will say have to be waiting the decision within 6 months, and my question i have to comeback in my husband country before the visa finish?
I hope somebody can give me information about this. Thank you so much anyway :)

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