Looking to meet new people. anyone in Roermond Area?

Hi I'm 25 from Australia currently looking to make friends. Anyone from the roermond area?

Hey I am Bryan....I am from the Staates and I live in Roermond since a Year. Its hard to meet friends here. Would you like to hang out? Go for a beer or just talk?

Feel free

Hi Bryan,

The thread you're responding to is quite old and the Originator hasn't been on the Forum for a long time, so you may not get a response.

Expat Team

Hi Bryan
My name is zak i am Iranian and lived in Boston and california for 15 years.
I am living in Iran now but thinking about moving to netherland.
How do you like living there.
What are the noticeable diffrences with U.S.A.
What part of U.S are you from.
Warm regards

Hi Bryan,
Are you still in the area of Roermond?
I just came here 1 month ago ....


Hi guys, my work is in Roermond. I live in NL for 3 and a half years. Chat and coffee some time? You can send me a pm. :)

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