Common-law Application for Non-EU with Norwegian

I'm looking for anyone who might have some experience with family immigration being a non-EU citizen going to Norway to be with their Norwegian partner as common-law?

My boyfriend is Norwegian and I am Canadian. We have been together long-distance for a year and a half so far. We have plans for him to come work and live here in Canada with me for a couple years then we want to try to apply as common-law for me to live with him in Norway. According to UDI to qualify for common-law we have to live together for 2 years. He currently works offshore and we are wondering if the government would recognize us as living together if he continues his rotation in Norway while commuting to Canada. If anyone knows or has experienced anything like this I would love to hear about it!


I can only share my experience, the difference is I was married, even though we got married officially on papers and the marriage took place overseas, we havent really lived together for years we known each other, but never lived together except i've kept visiting my wife in Norway on regular bases and when we applied we just attached all their required documents and and a proof that i've been visiting constantly as i can not exceed 3 months staying in Norway under a schengen visa and therefore why we apply now to be reunited to be able to live together and i've documented our relationship is genuine by attaching so many pictures of us together or me and her and her family etc. So if he keeps visiting you or you keep visiting him will do.

I hope I was able to help. And good luck!

From experience, me and my bf (husband now) works offshore and they accepted our statement that he spends his off-time with me in the PH and when we applied for my visa change they acknowledged that we have been living together outside Norway. And in my interview it was asked and discussed also. :)

How long have you been maintaining a relationship before applying for the visa?
We have a situation where i lived with my bf for one year and 3 months in my home country, then he traveled to Netherlands for work but staying for couple months then going back to Norway, i want to go Norway and continue living with him, but we haven't physically lived together for 2 years :( don't know if they would accept less

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