Carte de sejour

Is it easy to get a carte de sejour in Tunisia?
An advice please

To answer this question we need a bit more information. Are you married to a Tunisian?  Are you here visiting? Retired? Do you have a steady income from outside the country?

I'm asking that for my American wife , always here as a tourist

After 2 years I am still waiting, it seems like a mission impossible, despite the fact that I married with Tunisian.

Hhhhh saber , do u advice me to never apply for it ?
Honestly I feel like you exaggerate !!! 🤔 the idea is to not keep my wife travelling every 4 months in the end to have a legal stay , did u mean a simple residence card takes more than 2 years to get it ???? 😲😲😲

Of course you have to do that,  but it takes time, The one million dollar question is why. You will never find out why.

Funny I like your answer

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