GEMS International and Tenby


We are looking for a secondary school for our son.  Currently think of  GEMS international or Tenby.

Does any one have any feedback regarding these two schools


I don't know much about Tenby and Gems but I saw many good reviews about Tenby. I heard British international school, Australian international school, Alice Smith and Garden are great schools. I am considering Beaconhouse and Rafflesia since it's nearer to my place ( still can't make a decision between these two) 😞But maybe I'll transfer my kids to AliceSmith when they reach secondary.


Thanks for the feedback. Was thinking about AIS (Australian International School) but it is bit too much. I am looking at 78k for tuition fees alone, plus other charges and we live at Kelana Jaya, so travelling will be too much

Yes location is very important,  better choose nearer school. The traffic is very heavy every morning.

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