Online or Onsite TEFL??

Hi there!!

I am originally from Hungary but have been living in the UK for the past 5 years. Last year I did some travelling in Thailand and I fell in love with the Asian culture and the way people live there.
Since then, I have been thinking of moving to Asia and recently I reached a point where I've had enough of the country as well as the retail industry...

After some research online, I found a TEFL company specialising in non-native speakers. They offer an "Expert" 240 hour online course as well as a 2.5 month long internship program in Phnom Penh.

The question is: Would I be able to find a teaching job in Phnom Penh without any practical experience holding just the above-mentioned qualification or shall I go for the internship instead? What do you think? :)

Looking forward to hear out your opinions!

Thanks for the answers in advance!



Watch out for scam TEFL courses - plenty about.
Also, is the internship paid or are they just advertising for free teachers?
Does the company provide the appropriate visa and any other required paperwork for you to work legally?

The company is 100% legit and the internship is paid. Yes, they will sort out my visa & any other required paperwork to work legally as well as offer free (shared) accommodation for the length of the course.

What may i ask is the company?
I was curious as to how much weight a TEFL would hold as well

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