How many months you need to take for vacation?

How many days or months you need to take for vacation if you are getting married in Pakistan?

I have a very close friend who has a pakistani boyfriend (pathan) who already engaged and wants to take a vacation for 1 month, it is possible he can get married for 1 month only? He said his father is sick to make some reasons to go back to pakistan and we think he is lying and he really getting married there. Please give us some answers. Thanks

enough time for marrying ... and for more  ;) haha
I got married in 3 days and cithout prior meeting , so

Ok so it's possible he will get married. thanks

of course you might be taking other suspicious acts he is been doing maybe , so its plaussible  action. .... specially if your friend doesnt know the family head members.
OR if she doesnt has the house telephone ....
I dont know other key questions ...
So I guess there are some trust issues ....

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