Pakistan marriage

What is the total cost to get married in Pakistan??

Its depend what kind marriage you want arrange. its start 1000 euro to 1000000 its depend on your budget  .....

It's depend on u which kinda wedding ceremony do. U want in Pakistan...
Budget start form 1000$ to 10,000$.

if you wants just do nikah which the immam will  recite quran verses in front of 2 witness the Islamic way of marrying and makeing marriage certificate then it wont cost more then 100$ but if you want full marrying with reception food friends etc then it will cost depending on your needs

If you are not from the same culture, please do not get marry with a pakistani man.  They are totally different from american and european cultures.  I have married with a pakistani man and after 14 years of emotional and economical marriage, he abandoned me and our kids with debts that he acquired by himself.

@Ceecee66 depends upon people how much they afford. There are some poor families who manage their wedding events within a few thousand rupees. However, others up to million rupees.

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@Yoginee Hi, I'm Carmen from Nicaragua. I have 2 months of conversations with a pakistan who met me on a dating site he wrote to me and proposed to do business with him. But a few days ago he proposed to me to make love online, I didn't. he is divorced and has a son who lives with his ex-wife. Now I wonder with this behavior he wants something serious or it will be a Game for him. I should have had sex online with him. thanks friends I hope the comments of him.

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he proposed to me to make love online

For me that's a red flag!!! Why would he ask you that?

2 months is a short period of time for anything serious....

Please be careful

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@Ceecee66 .

Pakistani 10/20 lakh rupees

@Anavilopez , Really 😩😩😩 I'm not agree with your judgement my Dear as this is your own experience with 1 Guy out of Millions

Remember that All the 5 fingers are not equal there are still Pakistani Men who are very well educated and groomed by there Parent's and above all they respect Women even if they don't get in return what they deserve

Any How I wish you all the best in your LIFE