Looking for Walmart approved factory

Hi guys,

I am looking for a Walmart approved factory that has green or yellow facility ratings. It should locate within HCMC and its vicinity. Please PM me if you happen to know any. I just need their name, and can contact them by myself. Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi ...

What kind of Walmart product approved factory need it ??

Is it furniture ??


Sorry I didn't make myself clear. I am looking for a garment factory.

Hi gimmethewine,

There isn't such thing as "green or yellow facility ratings" here since no one goes to rate them as well as we have no idea about your "green and yellow".

However, you can find in this link a list of factories with its name and info:
http://yellowpages.vnn.vn/class/488407/ … 3%AD-minh-(tphcm).html

Lots of them aren't updated, but with your vague info, this is what I can post for you right now.

Thanks, that is very kind of you. However, I am specifically looking for WM approved factories, not just any factory, since I have an extensive list of "normal" factories myself, including WM approved ones with out-of-date ratings. It goes without saying that only a limited number of factories are qualified.

That list doesn't exist online.
Can you share the list you have so I can get the idea of how it is, perhaps I can help to find?

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