Employment Disputes - Foreign workers in PNG

Could you please help point me in the right direction regarding the employment rights of foreign workers working in PNG. The company I worked for is** - PNG, I was recruited in india to work offshore. I was repatriated back to India for Vacation Holiday without any Vacation allowance and my pending dues and it appears that my former employer is under the impression that he is untouchable as he is in PNG - hasn't paid me any expenses and Medical etc. I have been waiting for response from company regarding my query. But there are not responding to any of my query.

I hereby summarize all the details of employment Disputes.

1. Company not given any Pay Slip for the working period.
2. No Tax paying certificate or Number given, tax has been taken from employee salary for the period of Sep 2015 to April 2017. (42% Tax)
3. My project travel expenses and medical expenses  still pending from company.
4. My return travel ticket amount not paid by company, which suppose to be paid by company.
5. My Vacation allowance also not paid by company.


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Greetings, this is a terrible story. You would have to consult the labour and industrial relations department to register your complaint. If you were contracted to work here, you may revisit the contractual terms and identify if a term has been breached and sue on that basis. I hope that sheds some light

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