Work part-time in Budapest/retired business exec and artist

Can anyone enlighten me on the level of difficulty/issues to find a part-time job?  I am a semi-retired "young" 63 and speak fluent English; Hungarian, and some Italian and a little French.  Have tons of experience in business/investments (had my own commercial real estate company working with German investors for years and also worked as an investment advisor/stock broker with a large U.S. firm, Morgan Stanley)  Also have experience in high-end sales of large commercial real estate projects, and fine art while managing art galleries in New York and California.  Last year I started painting large canvases with acrylic, and immediately got a show and two retail stores were selling my paintings.  I wonder what the prospects are for living on my U.S. Government pension (1,500 USD per month net - about 400,000 forints) and sell some paintings?  I created a Facebook page for my art projects, you can find it under Livia Balogh (my maiden name) on FB.  Would love to get some feedback!  Thank you!

Realistically, why do you want to come back here?

Like I said, I am 63...  Regardless of my experiences, getting a job would require competing with the younger generation, and it is extremely difficult in the U.S., which is highly competitive.  In addition, if I did get a job, even part-time, my government pension would be drastically reduced if not diminished.  As an expat living in Budapest, so long as I don't work more than 40 hours in a month, my income stays the same, and it is net, as long as I earn under a certain amount, then taxes will apply accordingly, but my benefits will not be reduced.  Living on my pension in the U.S. would be below poverty level and not at all what I was accustomed to most of my life.  Because of a very bad investment, my ex husband lost all our money in a large commercial real estate deal and I had to struggle to start anew and rebuild a career.  Another unfortunate venture in Australia fell apart, and I only have about $50,000 U.S. to invest in a retirement.  It seems that my $1,500 U.S. per month will be enough for me to live in my old neighborhood in Budapest, and finally retire painting and writing my books.  Budapest is a "walking" city, so I will not need a car.  In the U.S. healthcare is also very expensive, but, from what I understand, in Hungary, citizens over 62 get it for free and it is one of the best in Europe...  Is that correct?  So, that's my story, and frankly, I am ready to leave the dog-eat-dog world of business and get back to my roots...  The only thing I did not like about Budapest was the Communist system.  I reconnected with some childhood buddies, and I look forward to going home!

Ok, all good reasons. 

You have a daily living advantage that you speak Hungarian fluently.  Healthcare is the government system so you get what you pay for, which is not much, but it's at least free (as is public transport).   You might have to wait for the healthcare system to take care of you. 

Speaking English work wise isn't so much of an advantage in finance/banks/telcos as so many professionals are competent in it.  Age wise, it's a tough market and salaries are quite low - not what you would be used to.  My peers and myself here in HU are all about the same ages as yourself and changing jobs is difficult if not impossible.

One thing you might find it useful to think about becoming a consultant in say, banking/finance/commercial real estate, where experience and a level of grey hair are actually an advantage.  Maybe work in interim management even.

Just some thoughts.

Just a note on free healthcare. It is not free even for HU citizens unless you are over 62 and,have put in at least 15 years into the system in HUngary of working.
No matter really you can afford to pay the monthly fees. We pay out of pocket each month for the coverage about 15,000 F for two people.
You will have to register that you have returned to HU and wait one full year and pay for that year without being able to use the coverage unless it is for an emergency.
My husband had to wait the full year and pay monthly and not be able to use the coverage. The following year however he had to pay nothing, the year after he had to start paying month to month.
Not the best insurance but it's OK sometimes it's great and other times it is not too great. I am getting a MRI soon and they actually called me up to double check I can make it in. Other times they act like why are you here. Hard to say, really it is hit or miss with the medical.
Over all though it is better then nothing and at a Obama care level for low income people in the US, about the same sort of care.

Marilyn Tassy :

Just a note on free healthcare. It is not free even for HU citizens unless you are over 62 and,have put in at least 15 years into the system in HUngary of working.
No matter really you can afford to pay the monthly fees. We pay out of pocket each month for the coverage about 15,000 F for two people. You will have to register that you have ....

Yes, that's right, I'd forgotten about that as Mrs Fluffy does the paperwork.

There is indeed minimum amount of just over 7000 Ft per month.

Yes with all your experience and language skills you probably could find some sort of consultant job, even just a part-time one.
If you know other artists in HU then it will be a leg up.
Szentendre or near that area sounds like a perfect spot for you.
My husbands first cousin lived there, he was pretty well known for his wood work in the old HU style, did monuments here and there throughout Hungary in many main squares of towns and villages.
He sadly passed away 2 years ago.
His wife organizes art shows so I know that is the place for a artist to live.
Living close to other artists would be a plus for you. Easier to get involved in the activities involved around art.
Our old room mate on Maui really, really improved himself in many ways, joined the local  theater group, learned all over again how to write with perfect handwriting, read all the time, got a job on Maui in a book store and met everyone who wrote anything locally.
Improved his English with classes and then moved to Honolulu and ran the photography dept. in the Honolulu museum.
Went from just being a regular sort of dishwasher without skills to running the whole dept. in a museum within just a few years time. He has since moved to Thailand, been there at least 30 years now.
He also was a rather "nerdy" short little guy from Hungary. He improved himself so much that we met one of his girlfriends in Honolulu, a beautiful really tall , smart model from China, a high fashion model, he even learned to speak Chinese rather well. some people can learn things super fast.
I will say though as a room mate, a single guy living with a family with a baby he was pretty cool, he never did learn to clean up the kitchen after he cooked though...Guess no one is perfect.
So being around like minded people really does help, I know you would love Szentendre.

Thank you for the suggestion Marilyn!  Great story about your housemate.  I have had similar success in the past (arrived in U.S. without speaking the language and without even a high school diploma yet ended-up building a couple of businesses; became a published writer/reporter of news, politics, and the economy; inventor of an Internet marketing program that might get financed; traveled the world - been in 30 countries and lived in four)...  The difference now is age.  We do not have the same kind of opportunities in our sixties as we had decades ago.  Nevertheless, I am looking forward to yet another chapter in my life that I can add to my book.  Really excited about painting. I tried to attach some images here, with no success.  It was suggested that I use dropbox or Google photobucket, but it did not work.  I would love your opinion on my work, particularly, since you seem to have been around artists in Hungary.  If you are comfortable giving me an email over a private message, I would love to send, or if you look up Livia Balogh (my maiden name) on Facebook, I created a new "public" page just for this purpose that has some pics.  Either way; it would be nice to get an opinion from someone who is familiar with the Hungarian art scene.  Thank you!

I'll check it out but seriously, I am no artist at all, lucky if my stick figures  even look like what I am aiming for!
I have no talent with any sort of creative works other then cutting hair and even then who knows.

Great!  I appreciate the input anyway!  Here is the link to my Facebook page...  I discovered that there are quite a few Livia Baloghs on the site...

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