my experience in the netherlands

Hello, everybody, I have been facing a bad experience in the Netherlands, I am a Mexican-dutch Mom, with an 18 years old boy, we´ve got  here to the Netherlands, last week, since the very first day we´ve got here, in Zoetermeer, i had been trying to register myself and My son as dutch citizens in the Gemeente, my son needs to go to college, and the gemeente are asking for lots of papers, cause I left the country 20 years ago, and I just came back, I feel like The government in Holland are treating me as a foreigner and not as a dutch citizen, my son is taking dutch lessons with old people, instead of going to a normal school with people of his age, and I dont know what to do, I currently dont have an address to register myself, I am living with my Mom temporarily, so if you can give me some advice what to do, I will appreciate it that much.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Mily and welcome to the Forum.

Sorry to hear about your problems; quick question - have you retained your Dutch citizenship and passport?  If you have, you just register yourself at your parent's address.  Your son, is he Dutch?

My son has Dutch passport as well,

mily :

My son has Dutch passport as well,

Then just register at your parent's house.

Assuming there is nothing untoward going on, you and your son are as Dutch as my wife and our kids, they can not refuse you.

Welcome back to the Netherlands  :cheers:

Did you asked why they need all those documents? What do you have to prove?
I can't believe that all those expats who were living abroad many years and come back,  get the same treatment like you.
Something must get wrong in the process.

To get registered in a gemeente, you need an address. You can use your mother's adress but be aware that she can receive higher governmental taxes as she's not alone anymore on that adress.  And it can effect her economicly on other things too.

That's the biggest issue, I can't register at her place, cause she gets my Dad's pension, so now I am looking a place to register, but now that I live with my sister and want to register at her in Uithoorn, they are asking for lots of papers with translation and apostilla, your advices will be great for me, I want my son goes to a normal school with people his age. He speaks English very well, Spanish and a little bit of Dutch.

What kind of  documents they require?

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