Process to reside and work in Spain

My wife and I, both US citizens, intend to move to Spain soon. My wife will retire and I will continue working.

I was curious what the best route is regarding getting a work permit. I know it is very difficult as an American seeking work in Spain, however a law firm I am working with in Malaga mentioned that I could work in Spain as a professional with a job offer in a professional position with a Spanish company after one year. I would need to request to change my residence permit to enable me to work and the authorities would have to approve it.

Has anyone else been down this route? Any tips or advice you would care to share?

It is a bit long winded but read this.

Here is where I’m hung up. The site you linked to says the following regarding requirements:
“Letter from the Immigration Office in Spain ("Extranjería") addressed to the company or employer in Spain notifying of the approval for the working permit and residency visa. (This must be done by the company or employer before your visa's application).”

I’m not seeing anything about the required process if I reside in Spain for a year without a work permit and change my permit to a work permit when I renew after one year.

What happens if I work in Spain remotely for a us company?

It’s crazy that there are so few resources available to understand this process and how to easily navigate it.

How did you manage to stay in Spain for a year in the first place?
The information in the links does say you have to apply from the USA,

I was working remotely for a us college.

You still need permission/Visa to stay here. You need to pay your taxes here. You need health cover etc etc.
If you are not here with a visa then my advice is to leave ASAP.

I'm not in Spain and I had zero problems the last time I lived and worked there. What I am trying to get sorted is what I need to do to move and work in Spain on a permanent basis.

Edit! - I just noticed my profile shows I am in Granada. I'm not, yet!

I don't get it, I quote from your first post:

I would need to request to change my residence permit to enable me to work and the authorities would have to approve it.

That, along with the location of your profile gave me a "suggestion" that you are in Spain.
I can only suggest you please read fully the link I posted. It tells you the whole process. If you cannot meet the requirements in the procedure then I feel you will not be able to live in Spain.
The days of being an illegal immigrant are or have ended. All governments, all over the world, are taking a harder view on illegals.

Please Note The location on the profile does not mean that you actually live there, but would like to move there. If you look further down you will see that DCinME is still living in Cleveland, USA.

I think I may not have clearly explained what we are trying to do. We are looking to relocate to Spain after my wife retires. I am still going to work and am trying to sort out how to do that. I know it is very hard to get a work permit given the unemployment rate which is why I am looking for a remote work. Spain based employers are very reluctant to help foreigners get work permits, but as a seasoned IT professional I am looking to see what options there are there.

Thank you for the explanation. So I have a suggestion the symbol internationally known as location, thanks to Google.
Maybe this forum might like to conceder a change for one to a Would like to something else?
OP you need a  to apply for a golden visa.
I would put a link but they are all commercial.
Newspaper article
I have no connection to the second link given. I just thought it may be of help. If you need legal help I am sure you can find a practice that suits your needs.

You can see I’m American from the flag on my profile and because I state in my description that I’m a new englander.

I’ve got a law practice I’m working with but was seeking advice here to complement that.

Have you considered going to your nearest Spanish Embassy instead of seeking amateur advice on here?.

May end up doing that.

Rupert Baldry QC :

Have you considered going to your nearest Spanish Embassy instead of seeking amateur advice on here?.

Because this is a mutual help forum and a member in a similar situation may well have found a way of making life easy and be able to pass that on.
Add many embassies either don't care or don't want to help foreigners and you have good reasons to post here.

Please please read the link I gave you in the first posting and the others. It will tell you what forms and information you need to supply to stay long term in Spain.
It is not hard to read just long winded. Sounds like the legal profession to me! ;)

Exactly. The last time I dealt with the Spanish consulate in Boston was a mind numbing affair even though my family had all the required materials. I’m looking to avoid repeating that.

You cannot do that. You have to present the correct information and paperwork. Here in Spain, If it is not correct you often get turned away some that you can get it corrected. So if you have a chance ask before hand.
A video for you to watch.

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It is pretty simple really, you need to go to your nearest consulate and see what, if anything they can suggest for you. If your employer says you can transfer to the Malaga office then it is also up to them to submit a reason why they are offering a non eu citizen a job as they will have to prove that you can do something that no other EU citizen can do first.
That is the way it works and the only way outside of marriage that a non EU citizen can get a work permit in Spain.

In short go to the consulate, they will provide you with the appropriate steps to take and HR for your company should no how to take care of the rest.

You can listen to all the title tattle you like on here, but at the end of the day you will end up at a Spanish Embassy because that is where you will have to submit your application like it or not.

Best get down there with a box of chocolates for Maria. :heart:

Exactly, and moreover if while you are in Spain and wish to change your visa you will have to return to the USA and apply at the embassy/consulate all over again.

Just wanted to follow up and let you all know that my wife and I are all set. I got a job with a Spanish company in Granada that gave me a work permit and my wife came over on the non-lucrative wealth visa. We both have health care and are all set up as far as finances go.

If you want to come to live and work in Spain you can absolutely do it. It will take a lot of work and research, but it is completely doable, regardless of what some skeptics may say!

Things have changed a lot in a year: … 93177.html

We got through it all on the first attempt with no problems.

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