Converting GCC Driver's License to Bahraini Driver's License

Alright , so as I did this recently , let me advise people about the steps .

I made a mistake first by going to the General Directorate of Traffic  :huh:  :dumbom:

As I had my Saudi license , I was then told to visit the Drivers Training school , the licensing , conversion is all done there .

1. Take a form , fill it up , one photo
2. Copies of Saudi Driving License , Smart Card , Saudi Resident ID " I will tell you why "
3. Go to any counter , show that you have a valid GCC license , then they will take away the GCC license , but as I am a resident in Saudi too , they asked copy of Saudi Iqama and gave me back my Saudi License .
4. Paid fees of 26.500 BD
5. Did a Eye Test .
6. Once done , went again to the same counter .

License issued , usually if you're no longer a resident in that GCC country , Bahraini authorities will take away your old license and give you the Bahraini one .

Great info gunner.
Thanks for taking the time to write this post for everyone's benefit ...

But why did you go to the Directorate of Traffic any way :P

Everyone knows that licensing is done at the Driving School  :lol:

Welcome back gunner, and thanks for the detailed info. Cheers.

The steps are almost same with European Driving license!

Is it possible to give the copy of the visa page pasted on Passport instead of smart card as mentioned by gunner. Moreover, can anyone please share the form required to be filled or i can get the same from driving school.

You need to give copy of CPR card itself.  On the passport page you have CPR number but it doesn't meant that you have fulfilled the requirement for the smart card itself i.e. address and so on.  I tried that a few years ago when I had the visa but not the CPR and they sent me back.

The forms you can get from the driving school itself.

what is the validity for driving licence in Bahrain

5 years

Hi,  so to convert my saudi license, I just go to driving school. Correct?
where is the Driving? and do I need an appointment?

Driving school.  No appointment needed.

nasha50 :

Hi,  so to convert my saudi license, I just go to driving school. Correct?
where is the Driving? and do I need an appointment?

No appointment needed , it's on the way to Ramli Mall , just look for "Driving School"

Or open this link for exact location on google maps .

Driving School Map - Bahrain

Just for your information , they will take away your Saudi License , so if you are still a resident in Saudi Arabia , show them Iqama , they take a copy of it and issue you the Bahraini License with ease and give back the Saudi one to you .

Thanks. I went there yesterday, and surprised me with a requirement that I  need to fill a form and sign and stamp from my Bahraini sponsor, which is something not mentioned in their website.

I had a valid Saudi Driving License (but Aqama expired), as I left KSA since 5 years and I need to transfer my valid Saudi License to Bahrain. So, I visited Bahrain Driving School, Driving License Division today. They told me a new requirement, that I need to obtain Print out from Saudi Traffic department, stating that this Driving License is valid. Can anybody guide me, how can I get this from Traffic department, as I don't had valid Aqama ??

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