Hi guys this is somnath s with you, i m expat and currently employed. now i got an offer about new employment in oman. my visa and labour card is valid for 1 yr from now. new employer is asking about transferable NOC. is it required? is it possible to get NOC from current employer. I will have to break current contract with current company and i m doubtful that they will not give transferable NOC....i NEED YOUR OPINION...Please help me out...

Hi liladhar,

Not sure what exactly your query is about.

You are employed. You have got a new job. Your prospective employer is asking you to produce an NOC, as required by law if they wish to appoint you.

You know your current employer is not likely to grant you with the NOC, for you to go and join another employer - possibly a competitor.

Your only hope is that your present company winds up its operations so that giving all employees an NOC does not matter to them.

Thanks dear sumitran,
I understand your concern.
My new employer based in UAE and they want new manpower in oman for dewatering work so they are asking transferable noc from current employer..  What is actually transferable noc ??

Hi liladhar,

Read all about what the NOC is, and about its pros and cons, in detail in the forum.

It is one of the most extensively debated and discussed topics for expatriate employees.

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