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I arrived in Santiago at the beginning of the month.  I have just completed a 140 hour TEFL course however now that I am looking for work they all say I need to have at least 1 years exprience.  How am I supposed to get experience if not one will hire me?????

Can anyone please tell me if they are TEFL qualified and where you got your first work experience.

As for the work visa.  One institute told me they only hire people with work visas,(I'm here on a tourist visa) another told me as I am a British citizen they will help process my visa however I would have to pay about 600 US$, then another institute told me I would have to pay 745 GBP as I am British.

Does anyone know if this is right???????

Please tell me how you got your work visas!!!!!!!

Thanks so much

Hi and welcome on board beetee :)

I hope other members will share their experience and help you soon ;)


Hi there!

I only did a 40 hour TEFL course, but that is all I needed as I am a qualified high school teacher with 4 years teaching experience (but NOT teaching English!) I just did it so that I could have the certificate!  Still, when I was going for interviews, they said the same thing to me about them wanting teaching experience! 

You don't mention whether you did an online or classroom-based TEFL course. If you did an online course, you would not have practical experience.  But if you went through a TEFL company to get certified, then you would have worked one-on-one or with small groups as part of your practice teaching, and THAT has to count as SOME experience!

I also only had a tourist visa.  All the companies that I went for interviews at said they would organise the work visa for me, although there might be a small fee involved.  It sounds kinda dodgey that the places you have gone to don't want to get you a work visa...

I don't know what the actual cost involved is, but I have in fact heard that British people wanting a work visa have to fork out a huge chunk of money, although I really have no idea why!?!?

So yeah, I have almost completed my first month as an English tutor!  I am pretty happy at the company that I work for.  They pay much more than the other places that I was interviewed at (I think it's best that I don't mention names publicly!)

If you're keen, we can meet for coffee somewhere and we can discuss this in more detail! :)

Best regards,
Cheryl :)

Hi Cheryl

thanks for your reply.  Most of my TEFL course was online but I did do a 20 hour weekend classroom course which was face to face which was part of the 140 hour course.

If I had known maybe I should have done a CELTA course instead of TEFL.  I do know that it is much easier in asian countries to get work with just TEFL.

Yes I would like to meet up for a coffee and chat.  I stay close to Bellas Artes subway, sorry I am not sure of the name of the area.

Thanks Bianca

Hi Cheryl, Hi Bianca, And maybe I can join that cup of coffee as I am someone who is a Chilean and spend 12 years overseas and I have very good will to help foreigners as I was one for so many years.. :)

Fernando            lajossp

I just send you a message Cheryl, I hope you may get it, I was delighted to learn that you are from SA. Today in morning mass I talked with a French friend who lives in Chile with his wife and children for many years and I was surprised to learn that he spend his first 10 years of life in Johannesburg...
You are very wellcome to Chile and I have the best will to help people like you to feel comfortable in Chile!!!
God bless you and I hope I can meet you in person very soon!!!

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