Bookstore or Bakery

What is needed most?  A used bookstore or a bakery in Santiago?  Or would another city be better?

i'd say a bakery,
chileans aren't very good any city,


Why not both? :D


LOL Armand. :D

Well I guess my husband could open one and I could open the other.  Of course he wants to retire.  When we come to explore Chile (after visiting Nicaragua (July) and Uruguay (August)) in late September we'll look around and see if a bakery will work. 

Thanks for the vote!

Bakery with a book store next to it! People can eat nice food and read a book. ;)

Thanks for the vote Lorena.  We will look around and see if we can find a good spot to open a business.

I believe i read in another blog that English books are hard to find and expensive, perhaps an English book store would work, maybe i would do it if you don't :)

I agree with rbenne, an English used book store would be amazing! Good (cheap) books in English are so hard to come by!

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